Lulu's August 2018 list of popular textbooks from independent authors and publishers

10 Books to get ready for back to school

The best way to get ready for school is to start early with textbooks and workbooks you’ll be using next semester.

I know that doesn’t sound terribly exciting, but a little extra reading before the school year starts is the perfect way to get the jump on your learning experience. And lucky you, we’ve got a list today of the most popular textbooks and workbooks on Lulu this year!

If you’re a student, dive in early with these great books/ If you’re a teacher, maybe you can find the perfect fit for your curriculum and save funding when you buy an independently published book.

And if none of these books fit your needs, we’ve got thousands more in our bookstore:


Algebra, calculus, geometry. These subjects can be intimidating for some students and a breeze for others. No matter where you land on the subject, get a head start with these great textbooks.

Modeling, Functions, and Graphs

This algebra text was specifically edited for Cosumnes River College and their introductory Algebra course, but it is loaded with easy to understand problems to solve. It’s the perfect way to brush up on your math before class starts.

Prealgebra Textbook

Here we have the Prealgebra text used by the Department of Mathematics at College of the Redwoods, Eureka, California. Get the basics and preliminary math concepts started before the teach ever takes attendance!

Kiddie Algebra – Number and Word Decoding

This introductory workbook introduces Algebraic concepts with simple word puzzles. It’s sure to inspire your child to learn more without boring or stressing them. The perfect way to introduce math to a new learner!

Computers and Coding

Coders use Lulu often to publish how-to guides and quick references. Here’s a couple to get you started. If computer engineering or coding are in your future, you should definitely get started now with one of these great books.

Vulkan 1.1 Quick Reference

Khronos Group, the organization that maintains Vulkan code, put out this short and concise booklet with reference material for their powerful Vulkan specification. A boon for any graphic design or game development student.

Bootstrap Student Workbook

Bootstrap is the mathematical and algebraic take on game designing and this workbook is suited for students age 12-16. This is the perfect first step for the young and aspiring game designer.

Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces (Softcover Version 0.92)

Operating Systems, written and used by students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, covers the basics of understanding and utilizing operating systems. A must read for anyone looking at a career using computer technology.

English & Language Studies

Hone your written skills or get a step ahead with your second language classes with these Lulu texts.

Frameworks for Academic Writing

Don’t let the cover fool you, the Frameworks for Academic Writing is an invaluable tool for every student. Learning to clearly and concisely articulate your thoughts in writing is the cornerstone of your education!

Francais interactif

Developed by University of Texas and in use as part of their French language program, Francais interactif is the ideal textbook for French language students. Grab your copy before the semester starts!

Spelling Word Mastery

Give your child a head start on learning to spell and use common words with this interactive workbook. Starting simple and building to more complex sentences with fun games and activities, Spelling Word Mastery is the perfect starting place for your young learner.

Stay on Track

The last book we have today is a Diary designed to help keep you on track and to provide a quick, easy to access book for you thoughts.

Well Being Diary 2019

Wellbeing Diary 2019

With this diary, you’ll record short notes every day. Help be mindful and happy while practicing your writing and tracking the good things that happen every day.

Enjoy these last days before school starts again! But don’t go into the new school year unprepared! Get a boost with these and many other independently created and published books from Lulu.

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