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10 Remarkable Years [Infographic]

Thank you to our authors and readers for making this 10 remarkable years in self-publishing. Check out this awesome info graph to see how we’ve grown.

From helping authors earn millions in revenue to sending books all over the world, Lulu has been an advocate for authors through the last 10 years. To celebrate how amazing this journey has been, our graphic design team pulled together this incredible infographic. Check it out to get a look at everything Lulu, our authors, and our readers, have achieved!

10 Remarkable Years of Being Lulu infographic

10 (More) remarkable years

We’re not done. Not by any measure. Lulu has big plans for the next 10 years to come. We’ll continue to build an amazing platform for our authors, for creators of all stripes, and excited readers around the world. From building a new Open API to developing an App for Shopify to offer direct ecommerce, Lulu is always looking to the future.

More than that, Lulu has big plans for the years to come. Our publishing tools have served authors, creators, and entrepreneurs well for these 10 years. Looking to the future, we’re taking everything we’ve learned about technology, publishing, and authors and applying it to new efforts. Every step we’ve taken builds on the previous efforts we’ve made.

And now we’re listening carefully to what our users and customers tell us. Even though Lulu has a long way to go, we believe we’ve got 10 remarkable years behind us, and 10 (and more) to come. Join us.

Morgan S

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Morgan S writes for the Lulu Blog

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