15 Books To Keep You Entertained

We all need something to keep us entertained right? Sure, we could stare at our phones endlessly. But is that really how we want to pass our free time? Would you rather be reading books to keep yourself entertained?

Yeah, we should be using this time to get caught up on our to-read pile. I know that’s what I’ve been filling my time with! But even powering through the latest novels only provides so much entertainment.

Worry not! I’ve got a list of 15 books that are not your typical books. If you’re after something hilarious, fun, or centered on learning a cool new skill, this list is for you!

Books To Make You Laugh

Let’s start right off with these hilarious books. If you’re in need of a good laugh and you’ve already powered through The Office (again), check out this selection of hilarious books.

The Coffee Table Book of Rejected Coffee Table Books

Athol Birtley’s beautifully crafted and funny book of coffee table book ideas he had rejected from traditional publishers. A Lulu staff favorite!

Bagel Soup – The Pot Thickens

Another team Lulu favorite, the entire Bagel Soup line of books are just great 4-panel fun.

You Must Be This Tall to Exit the Park

Are you ready to experience the weirdest, but most intriguing theme park ever? The answer is yes! Check this book out, it’s great for fun one-liners.

Lose Your Own Adventure

If you’ve got fond memories of those ‘Choice Your Own Adventure’ books, this one is…a little different. Though I will say, a number of endings involve happy puppies, so it’s not all bad!

Scarred For Life Volume One

Another Lulu favorite, Scarred For Life is a delightfully dark look at pop culture from the 70s. And if you’re more of an 80s kid, there’s a volume two in the works (we’re told).

Books to Help You Get Crafty

Break out that hot glue gun and scissors, we’ve got some amazing craft guides. Thinking about crafts is a really great place to start your own book too; if you can create something amazing, you can probably find others who want to check out those crafts! Or maybe even buy your creations!

Learn to Juggle

Teaching yourself a fun coordination skill like juggling is great for the mind, body, and soul!

Rod Puppetry

I admit it; I find puppets a little creepy. But damn are they cool! If you’re interested in learning more about the engineering behind puppets, this is the book for you.

Tiny Knits for Tiny People

Learn new knitting patterns designed for newborns! Also includes patterns for a bunch of props to create adorable newborn photoshoots.

Coffee Break Creativity

Quick creative exercises to keep those creative muscles strong! I love this one; it’s just a great way to be creative without sinking hours of dedicated time.

Relax with a coloring book

We all love to color. That’s just science. Now more than ever we need the relaxation that comes from turning off our brains and expressing our creativity through the simple act of coloring.

All you need is one of our amazing coloring books to get you started!

F*ck This I’m Coloring

Be warned, this is not a coloring book for the faint of heart. But if you’re feeling like you have some inner-turmoil that needs unleashing, F*ck This I’m Coloring is for you.


Stunning patterns just begging to be colored! Using mandala style artwork to bring you simple yet deep design for your coloring pleasure.

Swear Word Coloring Book

Featuring Swear Words and Animals, the Swear Word Coloring Book is another delightfully off-color way to relax and blow off some steam.

Tabletop Game Books

If you’re a gamer and you’re missing your weekly tabletop game sessions with your friends; I feel for you. Video games are great and all, but if you’re looking to enjoy some tabletop fun, you’re not out of luck! In fact, using a site like Roll20, you can easily run your tabletop game online with friends!

And if you’re looking for a cool new game to try out with your friends, I’ve got you covered there too.

First Contact Team

Make first contact in this complete game, featuring three unique scenarios and instructions for developing your own.

The Castle that Fell from the Sky

From the Scribes of Sparn publishing group, this is just one example of a number of amazing RPGs you can find on their store.

Everyone is John

This is one of the most unique RPGs I’ve ever seen. Each player develops a voice inside John’s head and vie’s for control. I’m pretty excited to give this one a try myself!

Lulu Junior Book Making Kits

Bonus! Most of the books I highlighted today are very slanted toward adults. So if you really want to practice juggling or color in some colorful language, you might want something to distract your kids while you’re at it!

That’s where Lulu Junior’s IlluStory and My Comic Book kits come in. These complete book-making kits have everything your kids need to write, illustrate, and design their very own book. Then just send the pages back to Lulu (in the prepaid envelope also in the kit) and we’ll print, bind, and ship your kids a finished book!

Keep Reading, Keep Creating

What are you reading? What’s helping you stay creative? Let us know in the comments below!

Paul H, Content Marketing Manager

Paul is the Content Marketing Manager at Lulu. When he's not entrenched in the publishing and print-on-demand world, he likes to hike the scenic North Carolina landscape, read, sample the fanciest micro-brewed beer, and collect fountain pens. Paul is a dog person but considers himself cat tolerant.

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