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Hi, I’m Nick Popio.

A long time Lulu, I have previously been involved in such community-related activities as the Lulu forums, the Lulu newsletter and Lulu’s previous blog, “Adventures In On Demand Publishing.”

I’m really excited to be introducing you to our sparkling new blog “Adventures In Self-Publishing”. Aside from a new (though admittedly similar) name, we’re livening things up – covering not only Lulu but self-publishing in general.

Some of the thrilling new topics we will be covering: how to market your work, advice from successful community members, the self-publishing industry, and an inside look into Lulu’s development process. We’ll also ask you for your feedback, so we can make this blog and the Lulu site in general as useful to you as possible. We’re excited about our new “Adventure in Self-Publishing” and hope you’ll stay tuned for some exciting new posts such as Public Relations: How and Why Should I Relate to the Public to Sell my Book?” in the coming days.

8 thoughts on “Welcome To Adventures in Self-Publishing”

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  2. Maybe you can answer a question for me. My mother ordered the $369 Lulu Primer Publishing Pack over a month ago and has been wainting patiently for something in the mail to arrive. Isn’t this a kit that an author uses to prepare a manuscript for online submission or is it something else?

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