Oh No! Guests Are On Their Way, And You NEED Recipes NOW!

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Ok, so you’ve waited til the last minute and decided to have guests over for an awesome Fourth of July BBQ. You sent the text messages, posted an announcement on your blog, emailed your home skillets and maybe even tweeted about. You have a bunch of confirmations, but no ideas on what to cook.

Ack! Well, if that sounds like you, feel free to thank me at the end of this post for making your BBQ dreams come true. I have three TERRIFIC cookbooks to tell you about, and you don’t even need to wait for them to be shipped to your door. In fact, you can get them instantly through this mysterious network of tubes known as the INTERWEBS. Brilliant!

I must confess; I am the person at your BBQ who doesn’t eat meat. I know you are going to be nice to me until you realize you’ve invited a Veggie to “Rib fest 2008.” At that point you are going to run inside and begin panicking when you realize that even your baked beans have pork in them. But fear not! I say, embrace your vegetarian guests and enjoy delicious dishes with them!

Guide to Delicious: Masterminding this Vegan Cookout is the answer to your vegetarian BBQ woes. It has everything you will need to ensure that all your guests are satisfied and full. There are lots of great recipes, like vegan Apple Sage Sausages and Easy Spicy Tempeh Burgers. Even great drink recipes (mmmm Mint Juleps). This cookbook is chock full of great photos, too. These women make cooking actually look fun, which in my mind seems impossible. Gee, I wish these ladies were MY friends so they could invite me to THEIR cookouts!

The next two cookbooks are omnivore approved! I asked my husband (affectionately referred to as Grillzilla) what he thought, and he LOVED these two books. Let me tell you why.

Officer of the Grill. The title alone demands respect, and that’s what you’ll get when you use this book at your BBQ. If you are uneasy about being behind the grill or if it is your first time hosting a cookout, then you need this book. This book is geared towards the amateur grillmaster in that it provides history, concrete common sense on how to grill, and insight into the mind of a true Grillmaster. Complete with amazingly unique recipes like Beer Butt Chicken, and many more for marinades, side dishes and drinks, your BBQ is sure to be the one that all future BBQs are judged against. This book has everything you need for your friends to deem you a Grilling Deity.

Uncle Lee’s Guide to Grilling is probably the meatiest grilling book I have ever laid my eyes on! It’s a whopping 500 pages, so if you don’t find something that will please everyone, kick that person out of your backyard cause nothin’ gonna make them happy. This book has over 500 hundred recipes (seriously) AND has tips and tricks on how to grill safely. Aside from that, if you are new to grilling have no fear, this book is perfect for all levels of grill mastery. Gas or charcoal? Briquettes or Weber Firestarters? When to marinade? What to do if a flare-up on the grill occurs? How to tell if a fish is still fresh? Even incredible recipes like Anchovy-Grilled Salmon Steaks and Grilled Tomato & Goat Cheese Rounds (and recipes for Vegetarians too)! All this and more are contained in this book.

Ok, now you can thank me for saving your July Fourth cookout, and thank the authors, too, for sharing their recipes and techniques with the world. I wish you all a wonderful Independence Day!

2 thoughts on “Oh No! Guests Are On Their Way, And You NEED Recipes NOW!”

  1. Thanks for the awesome review of ‘Guide to Delicious’! We had an awesome time making it (it began as our brilliant photographer’s photo project), and we hope other readers enjoy it as much as you do.

  2. I’m a numismatist and Lulu has just published my 40 year project – Encyclopedia Small Silver Coins. First copy had typos and a computer glitch, second one now being printed I think will look great!
    Until I recently sold part of my Numismatic library, I had over 1000 volumes from all over the world. Lulu has several coin books in print. I read in our trade press of one you are selling for $225. My question is why do you not have a catagory “Coins and Numismatics’? Many people collect coin books as much as the coins, etc. There is even a group known as the Numismatic Literary Guild, only authors can belong.
    As soom as I see the second print to proof it, I will be ordering ten copies for my friends and then put it up for sale either thru Lulu or at book stores.
    Was very pleased with the look and quality of the 600 page HB book and my friends were very complimentary too.
    TheDimeMan aka Roger deWardt Lane
    Hollywood, FLorida

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