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Hey, Lulus! Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Of course, it is! We at Lulu understand how much we need to cool down a little on these hot days. We’re doing our part to ensure that you can locate and create content for all of your sweet desires.

If summertime has you feeling anything but inspired by your standby vanilla recipe, check out 131 Ice Cream Maker Recipes! This awesome book will help you get out of your flavor rut and whip up something cool and delicious.

131 Ice Cream Maker recipes By stranger AZA

131 Ice Cream Maker recipes By stranger AZA

In 131 Ice Cream Maker Recipes, there is a delicious homemade ice cream to meet every need: regular, low calorie, sugar free and non-dairy, Anyone can make a homemade ice cream to suit their need. Ice cream fills a useful place in homes throughout the country. It is a favourite for desserts or snacks incorporating an array of many flavour variations. With the recipes provided, everyone will be able to enjoy some type of this taste tempting food. So let’s mix up a batch of ice cream for anyone and everyone to enjoy!

Of course, even if July is National Ice Cream Month, it’s still bathing suit season. For healthy and delicious recipes, there’s the The Dessert Diet. Following the same concepts as the Zone Diet and the South Beach Diet, this book has real desserts that are actually healthy!

If you think your homemade chocolate-caramel-coconut-macadamia-triple fudge fantasy or your strawberry-blueberry-blackberry-raspberry-very berry sorbet is the best thing ever, why not share it? Make your own book of recipes and sundae creations, low-fat, high-fat, all-dairy, non-dairy, whatever! Just be sure to include lots of drool-worthy pictures!

And if all of this frozen fun is a little too sweet for you, check out Scream for Ice Cream for a fun summer scare. After reading it, you might want to think twice next time you hear the ice cream truck driving down your street!

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  1. Is interesting to drop pen on papers about ice cream celebration.l am glad in deed to hear that lulu is vast in delicious food and added ice cream to control stress when the sun is high as we are exustive in our seminar presntation.The book is timely, l therefor encourage people to buy it.Only my teeth rejects ice cream at times.But my two children and my wife love to have it irrespective of the season.

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