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Cameron Kelly knew that his girlfriend Angie was the one for him. When it came to popping the question, he turned to Lulu to help him find the words.

When you realized you were ready to propose, why did you decide to create a book on Lulu?

I felt our relationship was unique and deserved an equally unique way to kick it off. Through some random conversations with friends I was slowly learning about the possibility of online publishing and when I learned it might actually be possible to create and publish my own book, I jumped at the idea.

Our relationship had grown through many great memories and I thought a retrospective of how we’ve spent our time together was a great way to exemplify what our relationship meant to me. I wanted Angie to understand how important this step in our relationship was, and by showing the time and effort I put into the proposal (and book) I felt I was able to relate the time, effort and love I’d put into our marriage.

Gooey, lovey-dovey reasons aside, I also thought it would be pretty damn cool (and memorable) and lead to good stories for friends and family for years to come. And so far it has!

How did you present the book to Angie?

It was very nonchalant. I didn’t want much pomp around it and wanted the surprise to sneak its way in. It was a weekday evening like any other and we were hanging out watching TV. I had been to the bookstore earlier in the day and picked up a few novels. I brought the stack out (with the proposal book in the mix) and said I thought these were some interesting books and I thought she should browse through to see if there were any she liked. Not something I typically do, but she obliged and began to sift through them.

What happened when she saw the book?

When she got to the proposal book, it caught her by surprise (mixed with confusion) when she saw her face on one of the paperbacks. She slowly started thumbing through it and realized what it was (cut to the romantic acceptance, xoxox, etc.) We then sat down and looked through it together. She was shocked and impressed with the idea. Most importantly, it worked, aka – she said yes.

It has been a great piece to show to friends and family over the years. We both feel equally proud (me as the creator and she as the receiver) of this unique proposal.

Check out the free download of Cameron Kelly’s book or purchase a paperback copy to show the one you love.

We at Lulu wish Angie and Cameron congratulations on their marriage and hope they share many more happy years together.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Lulu.com!

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