Lulu Lens: What Would You Like To Be Able To Do On Lulu With Your Online Photos?

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We’ve been soliciting your feedback via the forums, and now using the Lulu Lens on the blog, post for a couple of weeks now, and we want to keep hearing what you have to say. This week, we’re focusing on online photos. At this point, most of us have digital photos up on sites like Facebook, Flickr, Imageshack, and Photobucket, but often they just sit on those sites. Our friends can see them, but it’s harder to show them off offline.

Lulu wants to help you do more with your online photos, and we want your feedback on how you would like us to help you do that. We already have some options for you like photo ingestion from Facebook, Flickr and Photobucket for our photobooks or minibooks. We’re also considering helping you put your photos into the date cells on a calendar so you can have a photo of your best friend appear on the date of their birthday.

What ideas do you have? What products or options can we provide you with to help you make the most out of your online photos?

8 thoughts on “Lulu Lens: What Would You Like To Be Able To Do On Lulu With Your Online Photos?”

  1. What I would really like to see is more space to write captions. i.e. half page image and half page caption/commentary.
    I would like to colour print some tarot cards I have created digitally, but I want to put an explanation under them. Lulu does not have a suitable format for this at present and if this can be done in a photo book, where at least two paragraphs of text can be included, then it will be win win for both of us.
    These images are all in B&W in my book and clients have been requesting full colour images.

  2. Susannah Wollman

    I’d like to be able to do scrapbooks (12 x 12) inexpensively. Hardcover, full color, full bleed. Minimum 64 pages. From pdfs or from jpgs.

  3. I agree with Susannah Wollman about scrapbook format. My wife, daughter, and many of our friends are into scrapbooking, but it seems to me that “digital scrapbooking” (as opposed to the satisfying, but tedious manual page generation) is an untapped field.
    Thanks for asking!

  4. I will like to be able to online create my photo gallery, resize photos as per customized sizes, share the gallery with freinds and send link using email.

  5. I would love to be able to import my photos from Picasa Web Albums.
    I would also like to be able to have a photobook that automatically converts the filename to a caption. I name all my photos with the people in the photo and it would save a ton of time if this could be done. Or at the very least, be able to see the filename within LuluStudio.

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