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One of the most important aspects of selling your content online is making sure your audience can easily find your work. At Lulu, we strive to make sure that if you choose to distribute your content that it can be found – not just on Lulu, but on other online retailers as well. We offer ISBNs, which come with listings on Bowker’s Books in Print, Amazon, and other online retail sites. Recently, we launched a program to get books without an ISBN onto Amazon Marketplace via a pilot program. Now, we are are looking at more avenues to help you get your work into the hands of your audience, and we want your feedback:

Where would you like to distribute your products?

Feel free to suggest anything from the Barnes & Noble website to their brick & mortar stores to some kind of premium listing on Lulu, or anything you want. We may not be able to get your content into every channel you suggest, but we will be listening to you and taking your feedback into account.

39 thoughts on “Lulu Lens: Where Would You Like To Distribute Your Products?”

  1. Getting the book into the brick & mortar stores are the most important thing to an author. Without the ability of a reader to pick up the book and feel it in their hands, it’s next to impossible to sell. B&N refuses to sell Lulu’s books in their stores and I personally don’t like Amazon. Everywhere I see books being sold are in the grocery stores on the book racks. This makes it an impulse buy for most consumers… More purchasers, more money and more exposure for Lulu. It’s quite simple.

  2. I’d like my customers to be able to get digital formats – all of them. It’d be great to not resort to
    Also, as Robert mentions, Brick and Mortar would be great.. but this probably is not feasible.

  3. Brick and Mortar stores would be welcome. Large grocery stores that see massive foot traffic, and outlets like Walmart would be ideal. I understand getting a novel into such a location would be difficult for an independent writer, as they generally only stock top sellers from familiar authors, but I can’t imagine any writer would pass up a chance to have their book so publicly available. Failing that, B&M book stores, like Barnes and Noble, would be a step up the ladder. Books that are only available online appear too insubstantial . . . intangible. I believe there is a strong preconception that books that are self-published are not of the same quality as books that come from the more familiar,and more widely distributed large publishers (Daw, Tor, ect…). I would love to walk into a Barnes and Noble and find my books amidst the other genre novels. I have discovered many new authors that way myself.

  4. I agree, getting softcovers into groceries stores is a great sales venue.
    Another idea would be dollar stores, but that’s probably not likely due to printing costs. I purchase a lot of titles from a dollar store in my town. A LOT. [glances at her bookshelf]
    Amazon works for me.

  5. I wrote a reference book which is definitely a book that is browsed in brick & mortar stores. It’s where I went first to see if the book existed (it didn’t, so I wrote it). Many of the books in this area (programming) have long shelf-lives, and it’d be notable if it was in brick & mortar stores. I’d happily purchase @cost 100 copies if 1 copy was sent to 100 different brick and mortar locations and put on shelves for say, a 3 month test period. If a certain percentage sell, the store agrees to purchase then at risk (first 3 months period they could return what is not sold if they don’t want to carry it).

  6. I would like to at least be able to distribute my work through at affordable international (US-> Canada) shipping rates. Access to Canada/Quebec brick & mortar book stores/distributors would also be a huge plus.

  7. I would like to know why my copy editor missed so my mistakes in my book? I paid extra money because I can’t edit my own work–most writers can’t. Anne Rice told us her copy editor fixes her mistakes so I thought, if Ms. Rice needs copy writer I surely do as it’s my first book. My book could be pubished right now, but no, I re-read it oncea again and I found more mistakes, ones that a copy writer should have found. Plus sentences keep droping
    down like this.
    I do understand why the copy writer did not do their job. I don’t understand why sentences keep
    moving down like the example
    I give here.
    I do want to say,that the editor that did the work for my package deal did do a fair job. It’s the copy writer work that I am very unhappy with.

  8. Thanks to everyone for their feedback! Keep it coming!
    Have you notified support? If so, please email me at with your reference ID and I will try to get you some answers.

  9. I’d love to see my books in grocery,airport,brick & mortars stores in over 80 countries not only in USA, with that I strongly believe Lulu and the authors would be a force to reckon with in the industry. But that’d be cumbersome as most of us are self-published authors using print on demand.
    Nevertheless, if Lulu could come to terms with interested authors as to how to print sufficient copies to take care of the brick & mortars stores that’d be a welcome development.

  10. I had another thought. It would be quite nice to have our books available via the App Store for people who own Iphones and Ipod Touches. I know it’s not that difficult to get an e-book on the device already, but the App store sees a nice amount of traffic. What would be even better, would be a Lulu app that lets consumers buy, download and view our ebooks directly on their devices.

  11. Brick and mortar stores would be nice, like with B&N, Borders, Booksamillion, etc but if that would ever be made an option the distro markup would have to handled better because once someone gets an ISBN, the markup on the book usually will raise the cost past the point where many buyers are comfortable buying a book from an unknown author. It’s not bad for authors with smaller page count books but those authors whose books total $20 just to make will never sell with an ISBN so that’s another thing to look at.

  12. Nick I had a revenue question regarding 7373685 TRIALS, the FOURTH ESTATE. Why is it so expensive this time. Why do I pay more for a book that evidently will be revenue for me? I’m the originator? Please e-mail me on Facebook or at my address Thanks. I’ll buy it when I get the answer to my query.

  13. Don’t you hate authors who can’t spell? Anyway what I was trying to say is I’m paying more for the same book I keep purchasing to revise or proof read. I’ve changed the cover because I’ll put the best presentation (revised and proofed) on the market. I have it as Direct purchase for now because it’s not on the open market. I have the phone number for small press at Barnes and Nobel and would like for it to be distributed there and Borders but not yet

  14. I want to thank you for your recents effort with which gives us much more crediblity. I’m exactly sure what ISBNs cost. I do know they are expensive 1 at a time and 10 or more get reasonable; likely buy even high quanities and should make them availabe clost to cost to add credibility to the books. Also their are alot of independent publisher at there for a small margin will list books on their sites from

  15. I have to agree with Heath. Having an app to upload, browse, and purchase books for the iphone would be huge. I know some of my clients prefer to download books and while the iphone pdf option is appreciated, there’s much more that can be done.

  16. Any of the ebook reader formats would be great (and protected…last I checked, lulu did not copy protect ebooks). and grocery stores like Extra Foods in Canada would be nice as well. Apparently, Chapters is coming out with their own ebook reader as well.
    You might want to see what is doing. It’s a very unique idea and they have free apps for the iphone.

  17. I would love to see the ebook version from Lulu be automatically available for Kindle. There is already a free Kindle app for the iPhone/iPod Touch and I’m guessing that Amazon is going to update it for in app purchasing now that the version 3.0 firmware is out. I know that I can publish to the Kindle for free, but if Lulu’s ebooks automatically transferred, it would greatly simplify the process. I would also like to see Lulu’s books made price competitive with other traditional offerings. It’s well and good to get Lulu books into brick and mortar stores, but if the prices are consistently higher, people won’t be as likely to buy. Finally, price competitiveness from Lulu’s own site is essential. I can pretty much make that happen if I sell from just Lulu. It’s a little more difficult if I go with an ISBN. However, no matter which way I got, the shipping makes it impossible. At the moment, even if I priced my book at zero creator revenue, my book would still be more expensive than a similar offering from Amazon once shipping is included. Shipping via media mail is only a dollar cheaper than the cost to print my book. That’s not right.

  18. Having your book available in real stores would be amazing. If that is possible, that is what I wish.

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  20. Not only grocery Stores. It would help if my books were in bookshops! There are many kinds of bricks and morter outlets and I would be obliged if some of them were to stock my books.

  21. My co-author and I have a book, a parable about networking, that has a simple, universal truth lurking on the final page, about the most important aspect of networking. Both of us are published authors, but in this case we are contemplating making this book a freebie for readers. This does not mean that there’s to be nothing in it for us, but the question is, how do you get something like this out there instantaneously so everybody’s downloading it and attaching it to emails and tweeting all their friends to read it? (I’m thinking of a precedent: the recent case where a teen-age girl in Japan wrote a novel on her cell phone and it became an instant phenomenon because everybody suddenly had access to it on their phones.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  22. Since the time I made comments on what I liked about Lulu the cost of my Fiction novel has doubled to ME — it’s private access–why do you continue to charge me so much—I receive no revenue from being the author of this book. I’m disappointed–and wish I didn’t comment.

  23. Karen,
    Can you email the content id to me at I’m not sure why your book would have doubled in price, and I would like to see if something’s wrong.

  24. Valerie Welbourn

    Making all books available for Kindle usage would be great! Also, Barnes & Noble online.

  25. iam a author of the best selling book in the philippines Tile: STRESS FREE LIFE and i want to distribute all over the world please help my so my work can be available all over the world.
    thanks and Gods grace!
    sandeep narayan

  26. Jarrel R. Jackson

    I have 3 books selling out of Amazon–Create Space. THE ANCIENT MARINER TELLS ALL, REILLEY’S STING and REILLEY’S WAR. I used the Creat Space ISBN which limits my options on where—and how much printing and binding costs as well as postage which is quite an item for foreign sales, even Canada and Mexico. If I use my own ISBN and make a deal with a UK Or Irish POD I believe I could make UK and European sales pay enough to make the effort worth while. Is Lulu in Uk, and would Lulu be interested? I would rather ship eitherspace–PDF than bulk rate. JRJ

  27. Jarrel,
    We have a print partner in the UK, so you may want to look into using Lulu as well. If you have any more questions, please let me know.

  28. I am working on my first cookbook and very excited. I want my book to be sold in grocery stores, schools, airports, and bookstores all over the usa. I can’t wait!

  29. You can help new authors by reducing our cost…It seems you are charging more per book now and doubled shipping and we are getting less service and distribution. Whe the media download, print books are almost impossible to sell at retail

  30. Becca,
    Where are you seeing a higher cost per book and on shipping? Both should be lower now, not higher. The more information you can give me the better so I can look into it further.

  31. i would probally like to see my books at barns and noble and borders, maybe in some other contries as well.

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