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The past few weeks we’ve been focusing on eBooks, and following your feedback we are looking into opportunities to develop an eBook product. We want to deliver a solid experience to you, and as a result, this week we want to know more about how you personally use eBooks.

We want to know what makes a good eBook experience for you and how we can try to make it even better.

Do you currently purchase eBooks?

If so, what device do you use? Where do you purchase them from?

Please tell us what you like and what you hate about buying eBooks so we can try to make the experience as positive as possible for buyers.

9 thoughts on “Lulu Lens – How Can We Give You The Best eBook Experience?”

  1. When I buy ebooks I generally do so from the apple app store. I have an ipod touch, and it’s convenient because it puts everything right at my fingertips, and I can easily take it with me everywhere.
    Buying ebooks through the app store is a mixed bag. It’s great that I can buy them so quickly, and with so little fuss, but most books (or collection of books) comes with their own individual apps. This is great at first, but if you have a bunch of these things they really begin to clutter up the interface. I think that the books should be together in one app. I know there is a Kindle app for the apple devices, but I haven’t been real happy with the Kindle approach to DRM.
    If you were to choose the app store route, ideally you’d have a piece of central software that allowed readers to browse and purchase books from the Lulu library. Once purchased, it should organize those books in a central database on the device that could be sortable by author, genre, etc… A slick reading interface would be necessary, complete with the ability to bookmark on the fly, read in landscape or portrait, highlight text for later perusal, as well as allowing the user to rate and supply feedback on books as they finish them.
    It’s a lot of work, but in the long run it can only amount in more sales, which is good for everyone.

  2. Karina,
    When you go to “My Lulu”, or look at the list of your projects, you should see a gold star to the right of each project under the column “promote”. If you click on that, then it should generate code for Lulu buttons to help you sell your content. I hope this helps.
    Interesting idea! We’ll have to keep that in mind.

  3. As a seller of ebooks I would like very very much to be able to offer a “PAY AS MUCH AS YOU WANT” option,
    I think this could be a breakthrough for both lulu authors and for lulu.

  4. I buy mostly from which has the nifty wish list feature (much like Amazon) so I can keep track of ebooks I eventually want to buy when I have more money. It also has a bookshelf which allows you to redownload your content if you wipe it from your device or pc for some reason. They’re also very good with having books that come out in paper and ebook format at the same time be available on the day of publication or even for preorder.
    They offer a lot of different formats, the most important to me is .epub which Calibre manages to convert to anything I need quite handily. I do buy drm-ed ebooks because I have a program that strips them. I don’t buy formats I can’t strip and I prefer non-drm, because I – excuse my language – bloody well don’t want a license to read, I want to own the book like I do my print books and I want to read it on any device I may eventually buy. I do comply with the desire of the authors to not resell the book – if I don’t like it, I delete it.
    If a mmpb costs 6 Dollars and the ebook costs 15, I still buy and import the mmpb. I’m not willing to pay higher than the cheapest version of a print book available. For out-of-print backlist books I really want, I am happy to pay quite high.
    My reader is the Sony PRS505 which overall works well for my needs.
    With Lulu and self-publishing authors who are unknown it’s very important to be able to read a good excerpt (one or two chapters long at least) on the site.
    You defnitely need your own category of “ebooks” in the book section, there are a lot of people who have bought eink readers so they can stop buying paper books and don’t want to search for them.
    Better would be a tab for ebooks and the different genres below it.

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