Lulu Lens – What Features Would You Like To See For Photobooks?

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We’re currently working on updating our photo book wizard, and we want your feedback to help drive our development in the right direction. We’ve already launched a number of different formats and themes for photo books, but we want to know:

What you would like to use them for?

What products are you interested in developing?

What features would you like to see?

How can we make photo books an even better product line?

For example, over the past few months we have rolled out themes for poetry and cookbooks, and we have added features like the ability to import images from Facebook, Flickr and Photobucket. What would you like to see?

6 thoughts on “Lulu Lens – What Features Would You Like To See For Photobooks?”

  1. Belinda D'Alessandro

    Hi Nick
    The number 1 issue I’ve seen in the Photobook forum is the lack of information about the frame sizes. It would be good if users could know the size of the frames beforehand so that they can resize their images appropriately before using the wizard. It would save a lot of time and frustration for users.
    The number 2 issue is the time it takes to create photobooks using the wizard while connected to the internet. This might not seem like a big problem but if a user is charged per mb for internet usage, it can rack up huge internet bills. Also, if a user’s internet connection is slowed after reaching a certain mb usage, it can take even longer to get the photobook completed. And being disconnected from the internet also causes issues and changes can be lost. If it’s possible, I’d like to see the ability to download the software (like with or, create the photobook offline (as with the regular book wizard) and then “upload” the finished photobook via the wizard.
    The number 3 issue is that designers (either professionals or those who are able to design their own interiors and don’t need the layout frames) can’t upload their own PDFs during the process. This certainly turned me off using Photobooks for a couple of projects I would have liked the photobook quality paper for and I instead used the regular book wizard. The books turned out as I expected they would and as well as I’d hoped for with the standard Lulu paper, but it would have been nice if I could have had the photo quality coated paper but couldn’t use the wizard because of the layout and functionality issues I had with the wizard.

  2. There needs to be an option to adjust the title page on the photobooks. For example to ad photos , remove text, just like any other page.

  3. I like your paper quality and your wizard concept very much. For someone like me who does not know how to use the PDF formats it seems very nice and simple. The easier the better for someone like myself.
    I haven’t used your photo book wizard yet, but I am seriously considering it. I don’t know if you have an option where one can order a copy of their own book for editing/uploading changes, before the photo book is put on your website for sale, but that may be a good feature. Just to preview it.
    I also don’t know if it would be possible to provide a wizard that would allow one to get a very good idea of exactly what the finished book looks like inside and out? Maybe yours does this.
    Is there an option to resize and/or crop your photo when you post it into your wizard to make it look like a more finished product? Sorry if this is known by most users, but I am new here to Lulu.
    I am just a bit worried that I upload my photos and the book in its final production stage is somewhat askew in one way or another.
    How to videos are very much appreciated.
    Final point, your background templates/themes (I think that you have them from your video) can they be changed around to provide a lot of options for the look of one’s book? Maybe one page in one design and the next page in another similar, but different design? Or one page with three smaller photos and the next page with one full page design?
    Again, sorry if these were redundant in any way. Thank you for taking feedback, blessings and take care!

  4. I would like to see a plain old white layout for photobooks with multiple varieties of sizes. I don’t like the colored layouts & frames, I think they distract from the photos.

  5. Also – I would like to see another option for uploading images. JPEG quality is iffy…I noticed that with my fractal art book. Yeah it’s ok, but TIFF or PNG images are best when it comes to art. They are lossless image formats.

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