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At Lulu, we believe that community reviews and word of mouth recognition help to expose more people to your work. If someone is debating over whether to spend money on your book or calendar, then a good understanding of what the book is like, and why other people liked it can help them decide. Furthermore, reviews can help you refine your work. If people are consistently praising your writing but mention some typos, then you know you need to do some more editing.

We want to give you the most out of the Ratings and Reviews experience on Lulu, and so this week we’re asking you:

How Can We Improve The Ratings & Reviews On Lulu?

Would you like to be able to review posts on the forums?

Would it be helpful to see how knowledgeable someone is?

Would you like to be able to review a review, so others know how useful it was?

Or if a book has 4 stars do you want to know how many people have rated the item 5 stars and how many have rated it 1?

Let us know what you think, so we can make our Ratings & Reviews as useful as possible.

23 thoughts on “Lulu Lens – How Can We Improve The Ratings & Reviews On Lulu?”

  1. I think what needs improving for people to spend money on Lulu books is not the ratings but Lulu’s shipping prices. When I order a single copy of my book shipping more than $10 – when I got the book I found out why – the book was first strapped to large sheet of cardboard with plastic wrap, then inserted into an over-sized box. If it has been properly packaged it could have been shipped for a couple of dollars. No one is willing to buy a book on-line when the shipping adds 50% to the cost!

  2. Delighted with all your wonderful help – tips-offers and good news stories! My own book is shifting thankfully – Under the Apple tree -picnic with God.
    Than you!
    Great service.

  3. How about encouraging your top sellers to do Amazon Runs on Lulu instead of or in addition to Amazon. I plan on doing a Lulu run in November to help boost sales of my novel.
    A run is where you get your platform audience to buy the book on a single day to generate high numbers. This would benefit authors as we make more profit selling on Lulu over Amazon. But it won’t make a wit if difference to anyone other than Lulu. As I doubt any publishers are watching Lulu sales rankings. If I’m wrong in that, let me know.
    Also, the shipping issue mentioned above is dead on. A single book should go out in a padded envelope.
    PS The print quality of my books purchased through Lulu is better than when printed by the distributor. Keep up the great work!

  4. Rather than fix the ratings, is there any way to add a “See more books from this author” link? This way if someone clicks on one of my books, they can see that I have three others also on

  5. As it stands the review setup is adequate, but I think some work could be done to really spice it up. It would be nice to see a set of categories that could be given star-ratings, as we currently do for individual books. For instance, reviewers could rate a book on readability (how smoothly the text was composed), story flow (how cohesive the piece of fiction/nonfiction reads), characterization (how compelling the stories protagonists and antagonists are), value (was the novel worth the price of admission), and style (does the author depart from the norm, and offer something truly unique). These ratings would allow for a more in depth picture of what a particular reader took away from a manuscript.
    I also think that Lulu needs to really hone in on its best writers. Being an independent musician is not seen as a bad thing, but being a self-published writer comes with quite a stigma attached. A set of professional reviewers whose sole purpose was to sort through books and find the best amidst them, would be an invaluable asset to Lulu. They could specialize by genre, and grind through the submitted books, looking for those that stood above the rest. Those books could be given a special review, and be highlighted as exceptional content.
    I understand this is a daunting undertaking, but if independent publishing and writing is going to crawl out of the pit of being primarily vanity publishing, then good content needs to be pushed to the front.
    If Lulu watched their content well enough, they might be able to have both a professional, and independent publishing arm. Exceptional content and writers could be given a contract, as they would with a regular publishing agency, and the independent publishing arm could continue as it does now.

  6. Having received your emailing on the eRead thing, I must say that it is quite unclear as to how this will work. It reads as if you are going to share the book without asking, or some portion or… something. Unclear. There doesn’t appear to be a way to opt in or out, only a way to turn off reviews completely, which is strange and undesirable.
    A help page explicitly stating what is going on would help tremendously.

  7. Marc and Roxan,
    I can certainly understand your concern. I will say that we package the books that way to avoid them being damaged during shipment. That said, I will certainly pass your feedback along to our shipping specialists. In addition, can I ask where you are located and the current shipping costs you are seeing?
    You’re welcome, and I’m glad to hear it!
    That’s an interesting idea, definitely worth looking into!
    That’s an often requested feature and one we’re looking into.
    We aren’t going to share the contents of your book without permission, the email you received was because you currently have your reviews set so that only people who purchased the book on Lulu could review it. We would like to share your book with weRead, which will allow users on that site to review it there as well as on Lulu. It would not give them any additional access, but we want to give you the option of opting out. We were letting you know in advance so that if you didn’t want your book to be listed on weRead you could take action. I hope this helps clarify things.
    Good suggestions. I have also deleted the spam review from your book. Let me know if you see others, and I will delete them as well.

  8. Not quite. The email says to flag the book as unavailable. When done, this says the book is unavailable for any review, including from those who have purchased it. Do I understand correctly then that I should actually leave the review status as restricted?
    All in all, this whole thing is confusing. When you say “we would like to share your book”, you mean only the title, right? If more complex than that, where on this site does one go to adjust the restrictions on sharing, not review.

  9. C.,
    weRead’s listings include the title, the cover image, author, publisher and description. They then have the ratings and reviews for the book. We would be sharing that information with weRead, and nothing more complicated than that. If you have further questions, you can email me directly at and I will try to answer them.

  10. I am a UK author who wants to publish my book of horror stories on Lulu. However, I live in the UK, and have heard that Lulu is no longer offering free ISBN codes? Is this true? If so, will it necessitate my having to pay over £100 for 10 ISBNs?

  11. Alan,
    You can still get a free Lulu ISBN in the UK. We ran out a few weeks ago, but we have since restocked them.

  12. Hi Nick, I’m unsure where to post this but you seem like a helpful guy so I’ll try here too (I also posted in forums but have not heard back, also sent email but also not heard back. Can you please help me with this:
    I used a publishing package to help me format my book. However I now would like to fix a few grammer/spelling issues I didn’t notice before.
    How do I fix these as I originally sent my word files for Lulu to format. I’m afraid to screw up the formatting etc. And if I fix them in the ‘my files’ section I can only change the word doc not the pdf. What do I do?
    I sent an email for help but have not yet heard back from Lulu and I would really like to fix the errors in my book.
    If Lulu is able to relpy my book is titled, Don’t Call Me Mother
    Thank you!
    Elizabeth Elias
    Ps reply pls!

  13. Elizabeth Elias

    It was a generated reply with this number at the bottom, I hope it’s correct.
    I’m so happy to have someone helping me!!!
    Will the corrections cost $$?
    Thank-you so much!

  14. Elizabeth,
    Thank you for the information. I have escalated the issue with our services team & will make sure you get some answers.

  15. Hello Nick: I have recently completed the final revision of one of my publications of TRIALS by the Fourth Estate. I was pleased with the ISBN (number) that I received–but still have editing concerns. Overall I’m very pleased with Lulu and hope to continue the business relationships that we’ve established. Thanks

  16. Dear Nick,
    Thank you very much for the relatively recent interactive reviews that I have received via Lulu Forums’ Ratings and Reviews and Shameless Promotion. Earlier I have received blind reviews for my three books with Lulu wherein I can’t answer back. In an interactive review I am able to comment back and explain my work, and there is reviewer accountability.
    Prof. Jose Fadul, Ph.D.
    De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

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