What does success mean to you?

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For some, success can mean selling a copy of your book to someone you’ve never met, or maybe success means seeing your grandmother’s recipes in print or being able to quit your day job and do what you love. We at Lulu know that success means something different to each of us, and we want to know what success means to you!

Tell us!

Create a video clip up to 30 seconds in length and tell us what success means to you. We’ll cut all the submissions together and create a video showcasing our wonderful Lulus! You get a chance to tell the world what success means to you!
Here’s what you need to do:

  • Create a 30 second (or less) video clip (.mov file)
  • Tell us what success means to you
  • Save the files as your full name (ex. CarolHousel.mov / CarolHousel.jpg)
  • Upload the video file
  • Upload a photo of yourself

If you have questions or comments, feel free to post them below in the comments section. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces and hearing what success means to you!


When should I send you my video?

We’re accepting videos now through November 9, 2009, at 11:59 p.m. ET, to be exact. You must have permission to use all of the content in your video.

Where should I upload my 30-second video and photo?

Upload your video and photo right above the FAQ.

What should the video be about?

The video should be you telling us what success means to you and how Lulu helped you achieve success. It should also be well lit with good, clean audio.

Does my video have to be any specific format?

No. Animation, claymation, film, live action, silent movie, dance, mime. Whatever you like. Just be sure its 30 seconds or less, and a .mov file.

How long will I be able to submit my video?

Submissions can be entered now through November 9, 2009

I use Youtube/viddler/otherplaces to host my videos. Can I just send you a link?

No. You must upload your clip HERE along with a picture of yourself and be sure to read the terms and Conditions.

I have a great song I want to include in my video while I’m talking. Can I use it?

No. Please do not play any music in your video.

I live in a cave and it is very dark in here. Will you use my video if you can’t see my face?

No, we need to be able to see you and hear your voice clearly in your video clip.

My video is 15 seconds long. Will you still accept my clip?

Yes. Anything 30 seconds or shorter is acceptable.

I’m not in the United States. Can I submit my video anyway?

No. You must be a legal resident of any one (1) of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia.

OK, what’s the small print?

Here are some important things that you need to know:

  • Lulu.com will retain a non-exclusive license to all videos, in perpetuity.
  • Videos will be accepted now until November 9, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. ET.
  • You can enter as many different videos as you like.
  • You must make your video submission.
  • Your video submission must not break any laws.
  • You must have the rights to all content (visual, audio, or otherwise) used in your video.
  • Your video must be exactly fifteen or thirty seconds long.
  • Lulu.com approves all submitted videos, and reserves the right to remove any video found to be objectionable for any reason.

And your video cannot:

  • Display any non-Lulu.com trademarks or logos or obvious variations.
  • Contain any photos, imagery, or video clips that you did not create yourself and own the rights to.
  • Contain a minor who you aren’t the parent or legal guardian of.

4 thoughts on “What does success mean to you?”

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  2. Dikibuiri Akinda

    Success means break through challenges,riches,famous,development,improvement,degree,a height and settlement.Am successful with the contribution of Sir Bob Young in Lulu.A team in Lulu dedicated to make my work became meaningful.I owed a great thanks to my CEO Bob Young and all other staff who spent their time for my seccess.Every name a bears has a significance B means beleiving that the down fall of a man is not the end of life.O means opportunity come but once,so one should utilize the chances.B means beyond explanaton. Y means yearning to be great.O means Overcomer,U means universal,N means Neatness in all dealings,G means general,peaceful accommodating.Total meaning is Bob Young.

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