Top 5 Tips for Making an Outstanding Photo Book

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The presents have all been unwrapped, the ball has dropped, the holiday season has come and gone again. As quick as it was, you probably have a few hundred photos that captured all those precious little moments from the past few weeks. What is the point if no one sees them, though?! A picture is worth a thousand words, but not if it is doomed to sit in your camera until next year! So what do you do with all of them? Make an awesome Lulu photo book and you can be done with next year’s holiday gifts before anyone else has even thought of them. But how do you make a photo book so outstanding that your family and friends wish they’d thought of it?

Size Matters

The Lulu Studio(TM) makes it super easy to upload your photos from your computer and drag them into a photo book. Before you jump in, take a look at the kinds of photos you are planning to use. Are they mostly horizontal or vertical shots? Landscapes or close-ups? The Lulu Studio (TM) lets you choose from 8 different sizes of books from 3.75×2.5” to 8.5”x11”. If you are showing off wide shots of your family together or how your whole house looked decorated, you probably don’t want to try to cram those photos into a square 8.5”x8.5” book because your images will get cut off. Conversely, a square book is great for close ups of food, people or your tree. Picking the right size book for your photos can make all the difference.

Its a Photo Book – Not a Novel

Captions are a great way to embellish a photo. They help preserve what people were thinking at that moment and can add a little humor to an already great album. Be sparing with comments so you don’t detract from your photography.  When a person picks your album up off your coffee table, they should be delighted by the images inside, not bored from all the reading ahead of them. On that note, pick a font that is visually appealing and complimentary to your overall theme. The text should help the progression of the book, not grind it to a halt.

Story Telling Through Balance and Composition

While a photo book is mostly visual, it is still a book that needs to tell a story. This can be done by carefully organizing your photos in an order that makes sense. I find it helps the look and flow of your book if you balance the content of the photos. It would be silly to lump all of the pictures of people together, then all the pictures of things, then places, etc. If you’re making a book about your yuletide party, show pics of the food interspersed with people enjoying it. Show the exterior shots of your house, mixed with people showing up. It helps to think of a photo book like a story board for a movie. This makes it more entertaining and a real page-turner!

Learn How to Share

This is the digital age and photo books don’t have to be limited to just a table or shelf, you can make your photo book into a downloadable ebook too. You spent a lot of time making your book. Imagine how cool it would be to show anyone you run into your hard work on your phone, flash drive, or e-reader or website. Everyone will think you’re super tech-savvy and be jealous they don’t have one to show.

The Cover Can Be Compelling

If a photo speaks a thousand words, then the one that’s on the cover speaks a million. Choose a photo for the cover that fully captures the entirety of your project. It should be the most eye catching – be it funny, beautiful, or different, it just needs to be compelling if people are gonna crack that first page. The quality of the cover photo is a pretty good indication of the rest of the photos within.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the tips. I think the most important out of all those are “Learn how to share”. Often, many of us forget that ebooks are what consumers prefer. Not many young people go out of their way to purchase books anymore. My kid hates the clutter and so do I. Ebooks are the way to go!

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