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Sure, Lulu has a lot of great literature. Fiction, Poetry, Science Fiction, the list goes on and on. But did you know that we also have a plethora of independent artists? Lulu is attractive to indy artists for the same reason it’s attractive to indy authors: control, audience, quality and opportunity.

I encourage you to check out my top Indy Art book picks of the week.

Postmark LA


by Teresa McFayden et al

Embark on an artful adventure between a group of friends! Join Rebecca Sower, Pam Garrison, Teresa McFayden, Charlotte Lyons, Carolyn Peeler and Amy Hanna as they attend a fabulous vintage art party, and tour Los Angeles with an artful eye. This book is filled with their Los Angeles inspiration! In Postmark, L.A., the friends continue on to provide several projects, some with templates just for you. Enjoy interviews, frivolity and so much more. Vintage inspiration awaits you…

Pasticcio Quartz Issue 8

Pasticcio Quartz Issue 8

by Angela Cartwright, Sarah Fishburn

The fabulous, phenomenal, oversized Winter ’09-’10 issue of Pasticcio Quartz is finally here. It’s new; it’s NOW! Art, eats, etsy, fashion, history, holidays, pets, plaid – totally wrapped up in the prettiest package ever, and tied with a big red bow. Come to think of it, you’d better grab a few extras to give as gifts to those you love the BEST! 72 pages in brilliant color!

No Rules Street Photography

No Rules street photography

by Nitsa

Simple and direct view into street photography.

Tips and techniques alongside many pictures, to help you navigate your way through the streets for rules-free picture making.
Book includes topics such as: photographing at night, taking pictures in the rain, what is street photography, alternatives, accidental work and more.
The main purpose of this book is to be an inspiration for you to find your own unique style and expression while having fun photographing the streets of your town.

Yale University School of Art 2008 MFA Painting & Printmaking

by Yale University School of Art

Catalogue of the work of Ahmed Alsoudani, Bianca Beck, Sascha Barunig, Matthew Capezzuto, Lindesy Dorr-Niro, Aaron Gilbert, Jorge Gonzalez, Hilary Irons, Khalif Kely, Alexis Knowlton, Andrew Lane, Sarah Lasley, Evan Levine, I-Ling Eleen Lin, Elizabeth Livensperger, Vasken Mardikian, Patrick McElnea, Jason Mones, Mira O’Brien, Wilfredo Ortega and Rober Vanderpool.

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4 thoughts on “Focus on Independent Art”

  1. I think all artists should have thier own artbook which is full of thier art. Do not wait for someone else to write one about you, do it yourself and let people decide whether or not they want to purchase it. In the meanwhile you have an intelligent collection of your artwork, along with your biography and any other points of interest to show to prospective clients. It really is an alternative portfolio which serves to show what your work looks like in print as well. Since all publishers ultimately want to know what your illustrations look like in printed form, this serves as an invaluable portfolio to show. My book came out beautifully and everyone I show it to absolutely falls in love with it! Bravo to Lulu for offering exceptional print quality which only serves to enhance teh artwork!

  2. I first came to lulu because it was possible to sell art PRINTS here, framed or not. (My 2 storefronts are still full of art but now only for downloading.) That aspect was removed with no real explianation as to why. Is there some reason lulu cannot team up with some other on-line art reproduction site that can do any orders for printed art? There are surely many around who offer such services if you upload a jpg to them, but they do not take thirdparty orders for dropshipping, but I am sure it could be arranged. So how about it lulu? (Lulu does in fact already own a site that offers a part reproduction service >> however it could be like >>> if lulu do a deal with such a place.)

  3. Hello Carol!
    I just published my first book with a couple of weeks ago. It’s called, “Conquering the Fear of Rejection.” My questions is, how does someone become ‘the Author in the Spotlight’? I would be interested.
    Thank you so much and thank you for helping my dream of becoming an author come true.

  4. I think that Lulu is doing great jobs. It’s fabulous that independent art is available to all. New talents are coming out .

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