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You are the future.

Your knowledge and ideas are the building blocks for the next generation, the foundation that ensures we continue to progress as a society. You need ever-better ways to share your knowledge and reach more people — and you deserve ever-better incentives to do so.

Lulu is working to open publishing to everyone, to create best-in-class tools so you can make just about anything and reach anyone. Whether you are an individual, publisher, educator, or enterprise — and whether you write technical manuals or romance novels — our goal is simple: to give you the most opportunities to share and profit from your remarkable ideas, knowledge and stories.

We are launching a significant initiative in the effort.

Beginning today, you will find more than 700,000 new titles in the Lulu Marketplace, titles as diverse as Harlan Coben’s Caught from the list of New York Times bestsellers to Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. This follows the addition of more than 200,000 traditionally published eBooks that we added in November. In the coming weeks, we’ll add more content through additional partnerships as we make the world’s premier destination for published knowledge, ideas and expression. In effect, we are creating the world’s biggest bookstore.

At the same time, we are creating new ways to discover the books, information, and knowledge you need from this massive bookstore.  We will be enabling millions of Web sites to earn more by offering their own bookstores to their communities.

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to reach your market.   Whether your target audience buys your books, or knowledge or services is, of course, up to the quality and usefulness of your work, as it is in any other free market.  But by expanding the Lulu Marketplace, and taking our marketplace to your readers, the goal is nothing less than to enable more buyers to discover your work.

Buyers should be rewarded. 

The really motivating part of building Lulu over the last few years has been the remarkable works that are uniquely available on our virtual shelves — non-fiction books about science, commerce, art and history and novels that show the rich imaginations of creators from around the world.

To help buyers sort through their many options — and help you get noticed —the search engine on our site has been significantly upgraded and “Find” is now the most prominent element at the top of our revamped homepage. We continue to enhance our search function and will continue leveraging our weRead social discovery platform to foster even better connections between creators and buyers.

It’s an exciting time in this industry, this era of open publishing that is giving voice to a new breed of creator and empowering consumers with a new world of ideas. We know you have choice, and we appreciate that you’re with Lulu.  We know we have to offer you better tools and more innovative approaches to ensure you reach ever-larger markets, in order to have ever-greater opportunities to be rewarded.

This is a fun adventure as we, you and Lulu, re-invent publishing for the Internet age, and remember: we are not the publisher — you are. Thanks for your support and don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of what we are attempting to achieve.

Cheers, Bob.

25 thoughts on “Bringing You a c”

  1. Ronald W. Goetz

    This is wonderful news! I’ve only been published for three days, and my book is already selling! And you’re going to expand my market already? You folks are too much!

  2. is the reason I was able to bring my dream to fruition. Now my legacy will live forever for my kids and grand kids to reference my life long after I am gone. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has an internal writer waiting for the catalyst to trigger the writer within. LULU provided that avenue fro me.

  3. I really like the new site design. Would still like to see more features on authors–there must be more than 10 or so successful ones here. Bring on the inspiration!

  4. kate anthony muriuki

    i was introduced to lulu by a friend and he gave me inspiration,now am writting my own cookbook,am almost through.thanks to you guys keep up!

  5. I shop at Lulu for Lulu books, I hope you make it easy to filter everything else out of the searches. For everything else, sorry, I shop at Amazon where shipping is cheap or free. Personally I think Lulu’s strength is a unique set of products, not trying to be Amazon-lite.

  6. We will offer the ability to filter traditionally published books to ensure that you can find the books published on Lulu first. We’ve improved search significantly in the latest release but we have a lot of new functionality to roll out in the next few months.
    And Lulu is definitely not going to be anyone-else-lite. We intend to be the most effective marketplace we can be to help you reach your audience no matter where on the Internet they gather. Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, even and Ebay are terrific portals for selling content which is why when you publish on Lulu we’ll get your content listed there (if you wish).
    But we’ll also be launching tools to get your book in front of the people who might have an interest in your work on whichever community sites they hang out on across the Internet.

  7. So, Bob, what do you plan to do now that you totally screwed up my book listings? My books all show “Ikthalion Press” as the publisher instead of “Antellus” or even Lulu, even though I got the “published by Lulu” packages. Even my ebooks show the wrong publishing imprint. My project numbers do not match your book catalog numbers, and you guys imported books from wherever and set them up to compete against Lulu authors. We hire you to publish our books and this is the thanks we get? If you don’t do something about it RIGHT NOW, I’m pulling out every single title and taking my act to somebody else, then maybe I’ll issue a press release about it. I’ve done it before, and I came back thinking I would give you a second chance, but you screwed the pooch. I want you to explain to me how you can do such really STUPID things and get away with it? If I don’t see any results in the next 7 days I’m gone, and you won’t get any sympathy from me when you lose all your loyal authors.

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  9. Paul Richard Scott

    Having just been through the process of losing my author ‘virginity’ and finally putting my first book ‘out there’, I would like to thank lulu for this opportunity to tell my tale to more people, but wish I had taken just a little more time with it. Initially I got the type face and book sizes wrong, the cover was basic and lacklustre, and, sadly the two previous attempts are on Amazon and because they have an ISBN will no doubt stay there. I am reliably informed that they will be classed as ‘Out of Print’ by anyone ordering them from Amazon as I have retired them, but despite these setbacks due to inexperience, I have finally released a version of the book that I like with a new ISBN and far better cover…so ‘The Pocket Book of Neanderthal Vociferation’ is complete and I’m working on the sequel. Theresa Moore may think you have ‘screwed the pooch’, but I think you’re actually the dog’s bollocks…can I say that on here? It means you’re the best. So thanks.

  10. This is a great news, indeed! Like all other authors I am looking forward to connect better with other readers and authors in Lulu marketplace and through Lulu forum. Thanks for enhancing the search option(Find) in Lulu. I hope, my books on poems, ‘Love Exposed’ and ‘Poetic City Life’ will come in the search result when searched with right kind of keywords.

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  12. @Bob: As the person who made the amazon-lite comment i would remark that you aren’t helping *me* reach any adience. I shop at Lulu, I don’t publish here. It is from that perspective that Lulu seems moving to being Amazon-lite, I don’t expact you to agree with me but that is my opinion and you can;t change ot by just saying “no we aren’t”. Just make the marketplace easy for me to use and the shipping easy for me to afford, and don’t assume the only people on your site are your authors–that’s all I want.

  13. Lulu has done an excellent job with my book and they it on Amazon within amonth which was great! Can we opt to offer our book as a kindle book on amazon as well? I’ve had request about that concerning my book thru lulu on amazon. I didn’t know if that was ok with lulu or if the choice was up to me?

  14. Great news about the expanded titles list! I just blogged a new book by Felix Perry. The book should appeal to a wide audience. Was Lulu at the UCLA Festival of Books? I missed you.

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  16. Paul Richard Scott

    Don’t know if Theresa Moore got satisfaction regarding screwing her canine chum, but when I Google her name I find her books, of which there are many and various and no doubt fascinating stuff, all listed as published by Antellus. Sadly, my meagre output is hardly likely to generate any furore as sales have yet to reach the fifty that I had initially hoped for, and any dreams of an International Best seller a distinct improbability unless I invest in massive amounts of expensive publicity, in which case I amy as well just buy everyone a copy and give it to them. Bitter and twisted? Moi?
    Therefore the chances of what happened to Theresa happening to me are very remote too, but I take her point.

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