Lulu Lens: Featured Idea – Flexible Pricing

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One of the more popular ideas in our Ideas & Feedback section is Julie Dawson’s recommendation that we allow “Flexible Pricing.” This is somewhat related to Belinda’s idea last week of allowing Lulu creators to generate their own coupon codes. However, Julie’s idea takes this a slightly different direction and branches out into allowing users to create discount bundles (if someone buys two books they get X amount off), having a sale price on your storefront, and giving the eBook version away for free if you purchase the print copy.

Please follow the link and comment on the idea, and if you like the idea be sure to click the “I like this idea” thumbs up next to it. If you have other ideas for how Lulu can improve, post it to the Ideas & Feedback section. I can’t promise that they’ll all get done, but I can promise that all the right people are paying attention.

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