Lulu Lens: Featured Idea – Save Trees, Mail Books In Envelopes

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Earth Day was last week, and so I wanted to feature an idea to help with the environment. Dmaddalena suggests that instead of sending books in boxes, we could mail them in smaller padded envelopes. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to the idea (for example, there is a higher risk of damage in mailing a book in an envelope), but it’s worth discussing. What are some other ways we could reduce our impact on the environment?

Please follow the link and comment on the idea, and if you like the idea be sure to click the “I like this idea” thumbs up next to it. If you have other ideas for how Lulu can improve, post it to the Ideas & Feedback section.

3 thoughts on “Lulu Lens: Featured Idea – Save Trees, Mail Books In Envelopes”

  1. Obviously a one-off book of a decent envelope size (6×9) would be ideal in an envelope. Larger envelopes are available for slightly larger quanities like 10 books, depending on the thickness. Clearly if the breadth is beyond an envelope, a box is the way to go, hopefully created from recycled material.

  2. We always encourage our customers to recycle where possible. not we have envelopes that would fit books but now that you mention it I think it’s something we should look into.

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