Lulu Lens: What Do You Want Out Of Forums?

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When we released our new forums back in February, we were excited. The old forums had been implemented when the site first went up and they had a lot of issues. Most of them were behind the scenes (admin features that were broken or added on), but they were difficult to work with. We thought Helpstream was the solution. Through a number of issues (slowness, being logged out) as well as concerns about navigation, many of our users told us they aren’t happy with the new system. We listened and have spent a lot of time trying to create a structure that will serve both our community and our internal needs. That’s where you come in.

We want your opinion.

What do you want out of a world-class forum?

What features do you like?

What do you never want to see?

We value your feedback and need your help as we figure out our next steps.

4 thoughts on “Lulu Lens: What Do You Want Out Of Forums?”

  1. Jon-Lee Paul Butler

    Some valium, dealing via the internet you expect things to happen very fast, so something to keep things calm.

  2. Jan Berinstein

    The main thing the forums need is **easier navigation.** That means, in part, the ability to view all of the forums at a glance in order to see what’s available. Most forums use that layout, as did the old Lulu forums; it’s logical and user-friendly. The new forums are extremely difficult to navigate, although the site map helps a little.
    Also, the forums should be organized functionally — with book publishing “how-to” questions separate from troubleshooting questions and with administrative issues (such as payment problems) separate from both. The existing organization jumbles several unrelated topics together, IMHO.
    And the search functionality, while better than it was previously, still needs to be improved.
    As things stand currently, the forums are so difficult to use that I mostly avoid them nowadays. And that’s a pity, because Lulu is such a great site — and has tremendous potential.

  3. How is the Book Promotion page useful? It’s not alphabetical, it’s slow to load, there’s no way to search for anything specific. Really–what’s the point?
    And while I’m here, why am I suddenly getting book ad “spam” from other members in my mailbox? I never did before.

  4. The new forums have never worked for me – all I get is an error message of “o.find is not a function”. Is this a browser specific thing?
    Can anyone tell me what browser they do work in please.

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