Rome – a city of fashion, design, history…and Lulu?

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That’s right! Lulu made an appearance recently at the Festa dell’Architettura, a meeting of the most creative urban designers, architects, artists, authors, professors, graduate students, and politicians in Italy. The purpose of this event was to exchange ideas to better the wonderful metropolis of Rome. Because Rome is such an ancient city, 2,000 years of buildings often impede progress. This event inspired a rebirth and revitalization of urban planning.

Lulu was there this year, to show these remarkable thinkers how our open publishing model creates opportunities for them to publish, profit, and connect with a larger audience.

Lulu in Rome

I met great people and chatted with them while sipping Prosecco. I had the opportunity to introduce Lulu to a room full of Romans in the beautiful downtown Galleria di Architettura Come Se, directed by Rosetta Angelini, on two different occasions. I also met New Yorkers like Diana Balmori, an internationally renowned landscape and urban designer, and Lulu author.

After I presented and introduced Lulu, Dario Marcucci, President of Terzo Municipio of Rome, came to me and we spoke for a while. His words describing Lulu were “this is simply brilliant.”

The most exhilarating part of this experience was during the last night at the very end of the event. Out of nowhere, Professor Antonino Saggio, the Scientific Curator of the conference, spoke about the journey of all these numerous projects coming together to better the city of Rome, and all the struggles and difficulties they went through in order to make this event possible. He concluded his speech with “we will write a book about this long lasting endeavor and will publish it with Lulu!”

I believe the sense of excitement was not induced by the Prosecco.

7 thoughts on “Rome – a city of fashion, design, history…and Lulu?”

  1. anne gunn ødegård

    Great that Rome is going eco friendly into the future. It chills me to hear lulu is there to help publish the new thoughts.
    My name is Anne Gunn Ødegård. I am an interior architect and designer from Norway and have written two books about Eco City – a model – with photos. Architecture, city planning art and ecology.
    I also wrote a novel from Rome about Eco City – a model. The main character in the novel is an architect professor from Rome, called Maria Magdalena. The novel is called Electrified.
    All three books are in english- published on And Eco City 1 and 2 Anne Gunn

  2. That was absolutely wonderful experience, Federica. You’ve come to the Rome, Wow! The city which is rich in history and met with great people. Congratulations on your success! If I were you, I’d be very glad and lucky.

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