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At Lulu, we try to make sure that we create video tutorials for various areas of our site to help walk you through the process. Currently, we have videos on How to Make a Photo Book, How to Publish a Book, and a One Minute video on How to Create a Cover.

We want to know what else you would like to see a video tutorial for.

Please comment and tell us what you’d like to see!

3 thoughts on “Lulu Lens: Lulu Video Tutorials”

  1. Michelle Sparkes

    I would love to view your videos on ‘how to publish a book’ and ‘ how to create a cover’ but nothing happens…I get the title and options for english or spainish but that’s it…blank space…any advice?
    Many thanks, Michelle

    1. Michelle Sparkes,
      I would suggest either updating your browser or trying a different one. I’m willing to be you’re using Internet Explorer? Typically in cases I come across like yours, you just need a simple update and it should work fine. I visited the links using Firefox and Safari and they worked just fine.

  2. Perry Richerson

    hello, I have read “Being Were” and then got interested in other items by Lulu. I was searching in the DVD section and found one on “..Making your Dialog Sizzle…”about creative writing. the price is $14.95.
    However there were no listing of length, run time, size, or reviews of any type.
    My suggestion is to make a video tutorial on how to search and buy on the Lulu website. How do you search, where to find the information on DVD’s etc (as well as books and CD’s). Currently, I do not know where to look or go to find more information on any product i have looked up.
    There has got to be a better way than “Click Here for Purchase” on your site for Buying other Peoples products, I just do not know how to do it. a video in Buying would help. Thank you for listening, Perry Richerson

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