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Lulu’s a place where individuality is “in.” People are celebrated for who they are – even us, the lowly interns. This how-to guide to being a Lulu documents our experiences working here. The philosophies we’ve picked up along the way are some of the same ones that go into Lulu’s approach to our authors:  celebrate people, appreciate them, help them be remarkable. Without further ado, here’s how to fit in with the Lulu crowd.

  1. Develop a shtick. Seriously, everyone at Lulu is a character. For instance: 
    • Bob always wears red socks
  2. Hoard Pirate’s Booty Cheese Puffs from the break room. None of the other chips will fulfill your craving for cheesy goodness. Trust us. We’ve been there.
  3. Don’t drink the coffee labeled “Jet Fuel”- yes, it’s delicious, but you’ll be bouncing in your chair and will not be able to concentrate.
  4. Jam out to music and dance at your desk if you wanna.
  5. Practice your ping-pong skills. Do wrist / forearm / shoulder exercises. Otherwise, an impromptu game will leave you embarrassed.
  6. Read up on all organic foods and start a home garden. Bring your fresh veggies to work and compare them with your friends.
  7. Be careful how loud you ask a question. Everyone within earshot will Google it and read the first three entries to you out loud.
  8. No matter what anyone tells you, the animals running across the roof are not squirrels. They’re centaurs.
  9. Get multiple monitors- two is the absolute minimum. Forget about being taken seriously otherwise.
  10. Learn how to control your blush reflex. This will be particularly useful on your first day because people will greet you with cheers and excessive clapping. Dress to impress that day.

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