Reach More Readers, Sell More Books with Upgraded eBook Tool

Interesting read in the Wall Street Journal this morning:

People who buy e-readers tend to spend more time than ever with their nose in a book, preliminary research shows.

That’s great news for authors, because it shows that eBooks are creating ever more sales opportunities for their work. Here’s even better news: Lulu now makes it easier than ever to create eBooks and reach readers all over the world.

We’ve updated our eBook wizard so that you can instantly publish to both U.S. and international versions of the iBookstore, including the U.K., Germany, France and Canada. And we’re hard at work opening even more channels — our goal, in fact, is to create the most vibrant, multi-retail eBook publishing tool available.

Indeed, our revamped tool is designed so authors who upload eBooks today will automatically have them distributed to other regions, marketplaces and devices as they become available. That effectively makes Lulu a one-stop shop for eBook publishing. To quote one of my favorite infomercial personalities:  “Just set it, and forget it.”

Why do all this? Because more eBook channels lead to more sales. In the first three months of iBookstore distribution, Lulu authors sold more than 6,000 eBooks and earned more than $30,000 in revenue. In the first week of our new eBook publishing tool, Lulu authors have sold three times as many eBooks globally than they could in the U.S. alone.

Now, that’s something to get excited about.

11 thoughts on “Reach More Readers, Sell More Books with Upgraded eBook Tool”

  1. Where in the account area can already uploaded iBookstore uploads be managed?
    Lulu has posted epubs for me, some of which I’d like to remove from the iBookstore, but can’t figure out how lulu plans to allow this author control of already submitted files to Apple.

    1. RD,
      You should see a new eBook project in your “My Projects” list. It will have the eBook icon and eBook ISBN listed, which will help you distinguish between print and eBook projects with the same title in your list.
      To remove from iBookstore, simply retire or delete this eBook project. Thanks!

    1. Jesse,
      The iBookstore is sort of like Apple’s version of iTunes for books. This means that you can read eBooks purchased in the iBookstore on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

  2. Doing an ebook is way easier then doing
    normal paper books. Dispite the fact that paper book are still going to be around in the future. I just hope we can cater to the people with Kindles too.

  3. Thanks AJ.
    Followups: how will revisions be handled on my other epubs at the iBS? Will notice be sent to me by lulu that you’ve submitted?
    The time frame was quite lengthy just getting epubs posted by Apple: have initial posting times and subsequent revision posting by Apple improved?
    For me, it took at least the declared 4 weeks for first posting, and the revisions have never been posted by Apple? Months.

  4. It’s very good idea. You are creating good platform for authors. “Lulu authors have sold three times as many eBooks globally than they could in the U.S. alone”- This is really a good news. Thanks for info and creating innovative idea
    -Onenote expert

    1. Francesco,
      Right now we distribute to the UK, France, Germany, and Canada. For Italy, I’ll simply say: “stay tuned.”

  5. Since we authors are the publishers and the on line printer and distributor we can also upload our ebooks to the Kindle and Nook libraries, thereby hugely expanding our potential markets. The Kindle accepts Word .doc files, .rtf, and pdf. The Nook can’t do pdf files. Illustrations can be a problem. Both pay royalties directly to your checking account. The Kindle pays up to 70% royalty on a price you set between 2.99 and 9.99. The Nook pays about 35% royalty. I have more than twenty titles posted and sales are starting. Authors rule!

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