The Future of the Book (VIDEO)

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One of our designers sent around a link to this video this morning. It was put together by IDEO, the global design firm, and shows the possibilities it envisions for the book. Some interesting ideas. Let us know what you think!

8 thoughts on “The Future of the Book (VIDEO)”

  1. Mi libro LOS SIETE VELOS es una novela filosófica que contiene una trama entretenida pero a la vez lleva una serie de mensajes que espero pueda servirle al que busca como orientación de mejoramiento de su vida.

  2. I’m new to Lulu and was going to publish a short story – 20 pages – but I see that is not possible? has to be at least 84?

    1. Rosie,
      Untrue! At Lulu, you can publish just about anything, in just about any shape or size you can think of. If you head to the publishing page ( and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a table that sorts out the types of bindings and specifications.
      While a perfect bound book has a page minimum of 80, saddle stitch, coil bound, and our hard cover options can have as few as 1 page. Happy publishing!

  3. REVOLUTIONARY! The Future of the Book, IDEO, Vimeo, is truly revolutionary!
    I have this article placed on my publishing site Site. This IDEO is a perfect match for the new complex books coming out! especially, OUR GARDEN OF SECRETS By Aelbert Aehegma -it is a multiple-faceted book; it is fiction, non-fiction, poems, prose, memoirs, how to gardening, spirituality, sustainability, self-reliance, new economics…many facets for interacting with, which the new IDEO technology can handle.
    Aloha from Hawaii, Kamala Contact Author at

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