Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is a very exciting month for many reasons – pumpkins, costumes, football games, etc. But it’s also an important month for one very special reason. I’ll give you a hint…think PINK!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and according to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, about 207,090 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the United States this year. That’s a scary statistic, but the good news is that there so many foundations, blogs, and, of course, books out there dedicated to keeping people informed and to providing support to those experiencing the disease, firsthand.

On Lulu, we are lucky enough to have some great titles right at our fingertips! Whether you have been personally touched by breast cancer or are just looking for a way to contribute to the cause, here are a couple of books that may be just what you’re looking for.

Becoming Whole by Meg Wolff

Written by cancer survivor, Meg Wolff, this book tells the story of her complete recovery from breast cancer after being told that a mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy couldn’t stop her disease. Instead of giving up, Wolff took a different approach by changing her diet and is now a living testament that changing your diet can save your life.

Mommy Found a Lump by Nathalie G. Johnson, M.D.

This children’s book, complete with colored illustrations, was designed as a guide to assist parents in helping their children understand what a family experiences when a parent goes through the treatment of breast cancer.  A portion of all sales will be donated to cancer research.

Eat for the Cure by Maria Fernandez

This cookbook is a compilation of recipes contributed by women all over the country, dedicated to the discovery of a cure for breast cancer. With recipes ranging from Baked Apple French Toast to Jalapeño Havarti Cheese Grits, your taste buds will thank you! All profits made from sales will benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.

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5 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

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  2. In addition to the titles you have listed, I have a Lulu publication titled “RADIATION BUDDIES” documenting my journey with breast cancer and the experience of radiation therapy that I don’t believe even my doctors understood on a day to day basis. As I embarked on radiation therapy my life-time friend, Archie Campbell, was also facing radiation for prostate cancer and our support for one another is another piece of this book.

  3. Cancer awareness is great, but lets also address the much bigger issue! How is it that most of the population seems to walk around completely oblivious to the situation?
    The highly processed and refined foods that we eat are causing the cancers that are spiralling out of control. Who is benefiting? Big Pharma.
    What are the politicians doing? Nothing. What are we the public doing? Again, nothing.
    Let’s stop focusing on the symptoms, and eradicate the cause!
    Cancer Cure Now

  4. It is great to bring awareness to breast cancer regardless of the way it is brought to people’s attention. Whether it is from participating in a walk, updating your facebook status, or by wearing a breast cancer ribbon . Any effort made to help bring awareness and help find a cure for this disease is a help in many ways.

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