The Skeleton Goes Next to the Table: An Author Success Story

For most, purchasing a dream house is a once in a lifetime moment. Picking out the right colors, furniture and garden help make a new house a home.

For others, how to arrange the coffin and cobwebs so they match the skeletons strategically placed throughout the foyer is an equally important choice. Thankfully for those ghoul enthusiasts, the husband and wife duo of Lynne and Shawn Mitchell have scared up the definitive guide for haunting your own house.

How to Haunt Your House is the essential guide for Halloween enthusiasts, home haunters and anyone who loves to create handmade props or special effects,” says Lynne. “We got the idea for this illustrated step-by-step decorating guide from putting together our own home haunt we like to call ‘The Mitchell Cemetery’…Oh, and we both grew up in real haunted houses!”

An encyclopedic knowledge of horror films, a love of creating movie quality decorations and an overwhelming desire to scare led these novice writers to create How to Haunt Your House.

In the first year of publication, they sold more than 1,000 copies. Demand has been so strong, in fact, this year they followed up with How to Haunt Your House, Book Two. Lynne reports that sales are off to a stellar start.

“My husband and I knew we would be in a unique niche market,” Lynne says. “Traditional book printing just  wasn’t a financial option for us. Lulu allowed us total creative freedom. We could design our book anyway we wanted and in full color. We did several proof printings and emailed support a couple of times with questions. Before we knew it, our book was in the online retail market. We felt like real authors!”

Authors, haunters and, more than anything, a couple following their passions and presenting them to the world through Lulu.

QUICK READ: Lynne and Shawn Mitchell

  • LULU CREATION: How to Haunt Your House, a how-to-guide for ghoul lovers
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  • PERSONAL NOTES: Lynne and Shawn enjoyed a very special first date that proved they were kismet: The Haunted Mansion at Disney World

BOOKMARK THIS: Whether your passion is gardening, building birdhouses or haunting your own house, you are an expert! Show the world how to do it like you!

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