iPad 2 Means More Readers for You

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Ipad 2 for Reading

We love technology at Lulu, especially technology that helps our authors reach more readers.

Today, Apple is set to unveil the new iPad after the first version shattered sales records (15 million units sold in 2010) and introduced a new retail channel, the iBookstore, for authors to distribute their eBooks through.

Last year, eBooks accounted for $263 million of total trade book sales, which represents a 193% increase from 2009 according to the Association of American Publishers. As readers continue to find new ways to discover and purchase content, any author would do well to provide their work in as many formats and on as many devices as possible because you never know how your next biggest fan may discover your work.  As speculation builds over new iPad features, more eyes are turning towards the device, which opens up even greater opportunities for authors to expand their readership across millions of people.

In recent posts, we’ve shown you how to get your Lulu published eBook into the iBookstore and onto the iPad and we know how eager you are to see your books out in the world. That’s why we’re happy to help you distribute your remarkable works through our growing network of retail partners. Keep in mind too, that authors are always able to publish and sell their books immediately to the 2.5 million unique customers in the Lulu Marketplace for free, either electronically or in print. Lulu continues to help you bring your knowledge and expertise to your customers more easily than every before. We look forward to your continued success with Lulu and our retail partners.

7 thoughts on “iPad 2 Means More Readers for You”

  1. Well I have found LuLu to be great,,, I will make the break through, I know it is only time…So again I have to say Thanks to all at lulu.com…
    James hayes

  2. I had an opportunity to check out some of the features of the iPad over the weekend, and am hopeful I will soon be able to purchase one. I was unable to access any books as it was a display model in an electronics store, but it looked like something I could benefit from as a writer.

  3. Guess I should check before I hit ‘post’…missed the last letter of my name.
    Lulu is great…I have to modify an eBook I have for sale and can do it with ease due to the user-friendly editing tools. Thanks Lulu!

  4. Just fyi,for all those ipad2 ebook readers: 100% of my sales profit from the epic poem Poepi & the Giant thru next Friday 3/18/11 will go to a TBD charity (red cross?) for families hurt by the tsunami in Japan. http://ow.ly/45F1f. Feel free to let folks know. I challenge my friends at Lulu to contribute their share of the profits from my ebook over the same period.

  5. More an more people are starting to write their own e-books, the barriers to entry are so low now that pretty much anyone can write a book and get people to read it. I imagine in years to come publishing will just be an open market where authors publish e-books and they become successful if people tweet about it, i.e. a viral effect for ebook sales.

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