Marketing Your Book with Promotional Materials

Books equal Money

Bringing along printed marketing collateral is a great (and inexpensive) way to reinforce your message, and promote your book. Not everyone who attends your next speaking event may want to immediately buy your book. But who says no to a business card or a one-sheet information page?

Here are a few ideas to include for your printed collateral:

  • Your book cover should be prevalent
  • Point out where your book can be purchased
  • Highlight a short review or quote made about the book
  • Consider a special offer
    • Example: Link to a free chapter eBook preview
  • Encourage readers to visit your site, sign up for your newsletters and your Facebook and Twitter pages
Lulu Promotional Material

If you’ve collected contact information from your audience, be sure to write them a note of thanks. A little follow up can go a long way in keeping the momentum of your great event going!

While selling your book is the best way to make money for most of our authors, just making connections is the first step.
We’ve talked a lot about the ‘1,000 True Fan’ theory (and you can read more about it), but those consistent fans have to start somewhere. Getting the ball rolling is the biggest hurdle.

Start them small with memorable items like:

  • Business cards
  • Stickers
  • Pens
  • Sticky Note pads
  • Notebooks
  • Smart Phone Accessories (Pop Sockets?)

And those are just a few ideas. Any small item you can afford to give away works to remind people you meet about you and your brand. It’s not a sale, but it is first step.

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