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Today is a big day.

Today, Lulu officially launched the Lulu EPUB Converter and Ebook Creator Guide – thus helping to simplify the complex process of turning your brilliant work from popular word processing formats, such as a Word document, into sellable EPUBs, the most widely adopted format used by eReaders – absolutely free.

So how is it different?

The Lulu EPUB Converter is unique in that it not only converts but also automatically fixes many pesky errors including accepted fonts and extra spacing. This is the highest level of automation available anywhere.

What does this mean for you?

For you, oh faithful Lulu creator, this means getting your work into popular eBook retail channels is easier and just in time to give you an edge this holiday season and sell your remarkable works electronically while earning more on eBooks than anywhere else with our new industry-best 90/10 revenue split.

As part of this initiative, Lulu has secured partnerships with Apple and Barnes and Noble so you can sell your works to millions of readers on devices like the iPad® and NOOK, not to mention in print on Amazon.com and the Lulu Marketplace.  We’ve even added a new Manage Distribution page that lets you opt-in and opt-out of retail channels for all your titles with the click of a button.

EBOOK Creation Guide

With our step-by-step eBook Creator Guide, you can be sure your customers are getting the most robust experience reading your work too.  All of these new tools, resources, and features can be found on Lulu’s new eBook Landing page – your source for all things eBooks.

Don’t forget to explore all your print book options too, and publish the way you, and your readers, want this holiday.

41 thoughts on “Ebooks Made Easy with New Lulu Free EPUB Converter and Ebook Publishing Tools”

  1. I’m looking for a process to publish photography eBooks. Is the Lulu EPUB Converter appropriate for a book that is primarily photographs (JPEG Files)

  2. It’s a big oppuotulity for wrriters lets hope it gose so: a big congrate to lulu for the new acheviment i wish you the verey best.
    love peace and success.

  3. Great! but how does this differ from your earlier epub creator? Lulu previously converted my 4 books into epub versions. Do I need to resubmit these boos if your epub convertor is an upgrade?

  4. I just uploaded from a PDF file a manuscript written for EPUB. It successfuly uploaded (happy about that), but when is the ISBN assigned? I didn’t see that in the steps process. Thank you for any help on ISBN.
    Also, I am doing this in a paperback on lulu. Is the ISBN the same once assigned for all forms of the book?

  5. Well, it’s a freeby and its digital and its the new way to read books, so…worth a try. So long as the downloads are tracked and royalties are collected. So here goes Briar Earth.

  6. I have written a book that revises physics and gives answers to outstanding anomalies such as the two Pioneer spacecraft physical mysteries and many other outstanding mysteries that cannot be answered by the present understanding of existing science. The book is titled Matter and Associated Mysteries Explained and has been available at Lulu.com for approximately 12 months. Unfortunately, a book that has the potential to drastically reform physics has not sold a book to the general public.


  8. sorry but it seems you need two ph.d´s to submit an epub accepted by LULU, thanks you but no, I´ll stick to kindles for ebooks. For POD´s you are great but I have been trying to sumbit epubs for months without success after checking my ebook reader, and now I tried a very simple novella unformatted on docx and it was rejected. Send me an email when you are ready for this. I guess I am too busy for your ebook formats, and I hardly ever sold 5 pdf´s, kindles are selling fine and steady and they are very easy to upload

  9. I recently submitted recipes to publish a cookbook through Morris Cookbooks and used an online account program called “Typensave”. I don’t know if I would be able to use the EPub converter but if there is a way, I’d like to do it.

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  11. Anything that makes eBooks easier to create has to be a good thing. But I just published a paperback through Lulu. Can I now create an ePub version as part of the same project, or do I have to start from scratch as a new project?

  12. According to the Lulu document “eBook Creator Guide”, an ebook can be submitted to be “Sold on Lulu” in PDF format directly with no conversion from PDF to EPUB or to be “Sold everywhere”, which requires a PDF to EPUB conversion.
    I was not able to find how an ebook can be submitted to be “Sold on Lulu” in PDF format directly. Is the procedure the same as submitting an ebook to be “Sold everywhere”?
    Can anybody help?
    Thank you.

  13. i have done my comics on books and for downloads too! and now i want to know if i can put publish it to this new ebook? if it is ok! well… then! i will have 3 types people can chose from buying my comic book, the download, the print and ship, and the ebook. and if i can have this 3 it will be great! I AM dj.Ereck creator of the comic book spacewalker!

  14. I publish my musical scores and collections on Lulu. @Diane, you uploaded a PDF? Did it keep it as created, or re-format it? The creation guide is for Word (or, I assume OpenOffice or similar) but my scores are created in Finale. Spacing is critical. I’ve seen PDFs of scores on Kindle and tablets and they look very good. Will Lulu’s EPubs remain faithful to the original content presentation?

  15. Thank you, Lulu, for making it possible for writers to publish our work for free and sell it to the masses. That is incredible to me. As I read some of these comments, they appear to be very negative, self-serving, and non-appreciative for all of the hard work taken to put something together like Lulu. For what the three top ranking publisher’s were going to charge me to publish my first book with SO many demands and no control over much of the final project …Lulu has been a God send. Kudos! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

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  17. I thought I found my answer in researching the ePub format: It’s reflowable, which means it is not useful for musical scores (or any book where layout and design are significant).
    On the other hand, there’s a description that says ePub supports PDF, which is a fixed format.
    For Lulu’s ePub, which is it?

  18. David Butterworth

    I’ve written two books and am now finishing a third book. These three books are part of a triligy. How do I do this on eBooks? Do I keep them separate or do I put them together?

  19. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I have been waiting for!!! Lulu is a great publishing company to be assocaited with and I really appreciate your making this technology available to your authors free of charge.
    Thanks again,
    Lynne Arrol

  20. It’s a nice tool, but can we upload an epub file directly, without conversion?
    Although automated epub converters are not awful, they are far from being perfect. I create “handcrafted” epub for some authors and small publishing companies, so I would prefer that my epubs were not “touched”, is this possible?

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  22. I am concerened about “removing extra spaces.” What does this do to books where white space is important? When i format for screen reading, I PURPOSELY put spaces betwenn paragraphs, etc. Will it remove these? And I prefer two spaces at the end of a sentence rather than one — much easier reading on screen. And what about grahpics layouts? In some places, it is important to have the pic next to the text (such as “in the illustration on the right you can see….”) In other words, how much control do I now have over my layout?

  23. Greetings from across The Pond……I have not got a clue how to convert Joni-Pip into an E-book…..I have been reading and re-reading but still all is as clear as mud…..
    Silly Carrie

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  26. This is my first venture into publishing of any kind. I have written a series of childrens stories and URGENTLY NEED A SYMPATHETIC ILLUSTRATOR.Please get in touch with me if you are!!

  27. Bruce Thornton

    I publish using Pagemaker 7. I usually include an index. I note that .pdf converts for lulu distribution. Can I submit a .pmd file for Apple and Barnes and Noble? What will happen to the footnotes which are seperately placed? And what will happen to the index? Does anyone know the answer to these questions?

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  29. Muhammad Irshad Butt

    Sir, I have self published two ebooks at lulu self publishing, available at lulu retail channel. I now want to convert to Epub by lulu free converter. Pl, guide in this regard.

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