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What a month it has been.

As NaNoWriMo and the Lulu Short Story Contest come to a close – we’ve been thrilled by the hundreds and hundreds of responses we’ve gotten from authors of all ages and genres who couldn’t resist the chance to share their creativity and who found out just how easy it can be to publish an eBook.

We’re not done yet though.  The official cutoff date for the contest is Dec. 1st, so there is still time to submit a story of your own and enter to win $1000, a NOOK™, free publicity, and a professional review of your story in Shelf Unbound Magazine.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions too.  Mainly from authors who just want to be sure they have entered their story correctly.  Remember, once you’ve published your short story as an eBook with our EPUB Converter, to copy and paste your story’s web address on our Survey Monkey form.  Once you click submit on Survey Monkey, you’ll be taken to a “thank you” page with a 20% off coupon on it – good for your next purchase on Lulu.  We may need to tweak your submission too in order to get it to pass the validation requirements set by retailers like the iBookstoreSM. You still keep the copyright though and we will only change the formatting – not the content itself.

Once Dec. 1st hits, we’ll gather all contest submissions and our panel of judges will fire up the coffee pots, pull out the reading glasses, and get to work reading all your remarkable entries.  We’ll announce the first, second, and third place winners mid-December.

So keep that creativity coming – you still have till Thursday.  You can do 600 words in no time!

21 thoughts on “Lulu Short Story Contest Homestretch”

  1. Thank you for this opportunity–just registered my contest entry. (Question: I revised my initial entry after submitting it and have a different book ID number; should I refile on Survey Monkey? The reason I revised my entry is because your cover design software doesn’t work properly using IE 9. I switched to Firefox to revise my entry and encountered no problems. Perhaps something to do with Microsoft’s attitude toward Sun’s Javascript?)

  2. Okay, so I think I made the corrections needed (fingers crossed) and I revised my project. I resubmitted my entry so I hope I did everything right…

  3. Well,
    “once you’ve published your short story as an eBook with our EPUB Converter”… I did not understand how your ePub converter works. I did on my own to create ePub.
    I hope the story won’t be rejected for this.

  4. Not trying to offend anyone here, but I’ve been a little surprised at all the people who have had issues with e-publishing. The process is very simple and straight forward. Lulu has done an excellent job of making it a user friendly experience. Simply follow the prompts Lulu provides and your short story will be an e-book literally in 2 minutes.

  5. Thank you for your contest. I would like to find out if my download was successful. Could someone please contact me? Thank you, Mike Lundy

  6. Also, were we supposed to get a confirmation email or anything after submitting our entry? Because I didn’t and I’m a major worrywart.

  7. I am a bit baffled. Two weeks ago I edited my short story, “A Tear for Bobby.” It seemed to have been successfully accomplished and when I checked it and downloaded it, the revisions were correct. Today, for some reason, I received two emails from lulu about continuing to publish my story when I downloaded it an earlier version appeared. Why this change? I shall be happy to send you the correct version, but I do not want to risk having my story not entered in the contest. Advice?

  8. Oh my gosh. I had submitted my short story like 4 weeks ago and while reading some other short stories I realized they must be sold as free I believe? ?Can i change it still?

  9. Hai! Just found out another author and I have the same name. I’d like to switch to a pen name, but must completely un-publish my story before doing that. Will this destroy my entry into the flashfic contest? I mean, will the URL be deleted, or will the new revision show up under the same URL?

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