Winners of the Lulu Short Story Contest Announced!


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We just can’t get over how many truly remarkable stories we received for the first ever Lulu Short Story Contest.

Our panel of 25 judges carefully read through the 2000+ submissions, picked their favorite, then read it out loud to the rest of the judges. From there, judges voted on which stories they liked the best from the readings and tallied the results until there were three clear winners with the most votes.  Your stories made us laugh, made us tear up, and some of the judges even got into literary debates over their favorites that lasted for days on end (no, really).

It was amazing to see everyone take such a passionate interest in our authors’ work. I can’t express enough how hard it was to pick just three finalists. But, we had to…SO! Without further ado (and because the suspense is killing me)…here are the winners of the Lulu Short Story Contest:


The Red Boots by Poornima Ram Kiram

$1,000 Cash
Barnes and Noble NOOK
A review in Shelf-Unbound Magazine
Free Lulu Publicity


Grass by Charles D. Shell
$250 and a Barnes and Noble NOOK™


Revenge by Gail Kavanagh
$100 Gift Card to Barnes and Noble

Honorable Mention:

Persona Quietus by Jesse Lee
Lovely Stranger by Jennifer Porter-Kennard

If you didn’t win, don’t let it get you down.  So many of the stories were so excellent and hey, now you have an eBook version of your story and your name out in the world for millions of readers to see. All just because you believed in yourself. Neat huh?!?

You can take that shiny new ebook of yours and promote it this holiday too for what we’re calling Download Day.  We did some research and figured out that December 26th is the highest traffic shopping day for ebook sales – much like “Black Friday” in November. So, we’re throwing a good old-fashioned author sales contest for Download Day and the author who sells the most copies of their eBook on December 26th, 2011 – even if you sell your ebook for free – will win a Barnes and Noble NOOK and $100 off coupon good for anything on Lulu.

Learn more about Download Day, the highest traffic buying day for digital content on the Lulu blog here. And thank you again so very much for helping make the Lulu Short Story Contest such a success.  Due to popular demand, we’ll soon be posting a full list of all 2,000+ submissions to the contest for everyone to read and we plan to publish an anthology featuring all the semi-finalists and three winners for all to enjoy.  More details on that to come soon.

All the best this holiday from Lulu.

12 thoughts on “Winners of the Lulu Short Story Contest Announced!”

  1. Congrats to all the winners. Well done!
    Could you please post a list of the 20 semi-finalists here? I never received the “Unfortunately…” email, so I figured I might be a finalist. That would make my year!

  2. AJ
    Though my personal favorite was “Revenge” I will say not bad for your first short story contest.
    My critcism has to do with the fact that Lulu did a poor job of keeping 2000+ waiting for not only the results (which would be understandable due to the amount of entries) but almost no communication on the delay.
    We forgive you. 🙂

    1. Allen Jones,
      Thanks! I think it was a smashing success myself. I’m kind of excited by how eager everyone was to hear who won. Sorry if you felt left in the dark, there was a pretty constant conversation going on over on our Facebook page about it ( And I’m not even joking – judges. were. arguing. over who should win. It all came down to most votes in the end though. Thanks for participating and helping us make our next contest even better with your feedback.

  3. Thank you so much! I’ve been literally chomping at the bit and now I can”t stop smiling! Out of over 2000 submissions, I’ll gladly take 4th! Since I don’t get to make an acceptance speech (even though I fantasized about giving one!) I would at least like to dedicate my story to my late father in law. If it weren’t for you, this story never would have existed. Your love, kindness and generosity is something I will never forget. I miss you and think of you daily and hope I’ve made you proud.
    Thank you again judges, I am truly honored!

  4. AJ,
    I just wanted to say “thank you” for doing this contest. I’m just starting out as an author, and this contest really helped me begin to understand the process. Even though I didn’t win, I thoroughly enjoyed participating, and I now have a published piece in iBookstore, Barnes & Noble and Amazon (I did that one myself)! So thanks again, and I look forward to more contests in the future!

  5. Nice of you to send emails about this. Much easier to leave us sitting around and wondering until we finally decide to go searching.
    Even though 99.9% of us didn’t win, we still at least had the right to know that, and I think it’s pretty crappy that we were never notified about the contest results. :I

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