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First we want to thank everyone who entered the Lulu Limerick contest. We were blown away by the 240 entries, and we had a blast reading through them. You all have got great spirit and wit, and we’re so glad you shared that with us and your fellow writers. We highly recommend checking out all the entries if you’re looking for some good reads. We will contact the winners directly via e-mail to follow up about prizes. Congrats!

So without further ado
We’ll list you the few
Who stood out the most
Go on and boast
You passed the judges’ review

First Place:

A tongue-tied young man from Killarney,
Got advice from a silver-tongued carney:
“All the glibness you seek
Is the stone’s mystique
You’ll be gifted with gab by the Blarney”

by: Susan Koefod

Second Place:

Been working in comics for years,
and digital gives me some fears!
It’s paper I love,
it’s all I think of…
But I want to keep up with my peers!

by: Rusty Gilligan

Honorable Mentions:

Clean limericks just don’t make the cut
So give me a limerick with smut
‘Cause the naughtier blokes
With their off-color jokes
Always make this old lass bust a gut

by: Mrs. M

Amazing the things one can do,
with desire and a bit of luck, too.
Write it all down,
the verbs and the nouns,
but watch for adverbial goo!

by: Mark Watters

There once was a old girl named Lin
a rock concert near done her in
she thought she could groove
she thought she could prove
that she wasn’t older than sin.

by: Linda Tower

While chatting with friends I tooted
Embarrassed, I said that my shoe did
With fried beans for lunch
I had a good hunch
that my lie would be quickly refuted.

by: Lynne Barbour

6 thoughts on “Lulu Limerick Contest Winners”

  1. Thank you for hosting the contest
    I say that sincerely, no jest
    The limericks were fun
    But now we are done
    And all must go back to our desks.
    Had a blast – Thanks!

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  3. Most fun I’ve had in quite a while! Thanks for the opportunity, Lulu.
    Want to leave with this last limerick, a play on words for all you buffalo guys and gals …
    A buffalo came into Dryson
    to visit his dear Uncle Tyson
    He brought his two boys,
    along with some toys,
    and dropped them off, telling them, “Bye, sons!”

    1. Mark, thank you so much for all of your entries. We really enjoyed reading them. So glad to hear you had fun while writing them.

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