NC Amendment One Impacts Businesses Like Lulu

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I believe that Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers makes a good statement about North Carolina Amendment One, up for vote on May 8:

“You’re sending a message to the world that we’re not inclusive… North Carolina is competing with the world for business, and we have to be inclusive and open.”

This amendment has an economic impact. As a business owner, it impacts my ability to attract the talented, highly educated, open minded people that Lulu needs. It further impacts my ability to offer competitive health benefits to my employees and their families.

This is not about supporting or opposing gay marriage, it’s about taking the conversation off the table completely. It’s about North Carolina, via its constitution, sending a message that everyone in the state isn’t even willing to have the conversation.

18 thoughts on “NC Amendment One Impacts Businesses Like Lulu”

  1. Zachary Childress

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to bring to your attention that the Caiden Cowger Program post an advertisement from your company on his website. After seeing your opinion on NC amendment one I feel quite confident that his use of your company’s name is not authorized. Please look into this issue before it damages the hard work you have put into your business. The website is
    Zach Childress

    1. @Zachary – Hi Zachary, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are working to get this taken down because we do not support hate speech. We do apologize for the mishap.

  2. Beth Copeland

    Lulu is listed as a supporter of the Caiden Cowgur radio program. Please explain why you support the homophobic rantings of a 14-year-old kid.

    1. @Beth – Hi Beth, we are currently working to get that ad taken down. We have wonderful people like you to thank for bringing it to our attention that our ad was on that site. We do apologize. We certainly don’t support hate speech.

  3. monica castellanos

    Caiden Cowder and his recent rants about gays are disgusting. I hope wises up and terminates deals with him

    1. @Monica – Hi Monica, we apologize for the mishap. Lulu does not support hate speech, and we are currently working to get the ad taken off of the particular page that you mention. We are thankful to have readers who bring these cases to our attention so that we can set them right. Thanks.

  4. Great read, I respect and appreciate your stance and wish more companies would have taken a stand against Amendment One. However, I was surprised to see sponsoring the Caiden Cowger Program, you’re very prominent on his website. This young kid spews hate and should not be encouraged. I urge you to pull your support.

    1. @Rob – Rob, we are so grateful to have audience members like you who take a stand against hate speech. We are glad that you made us aware that our ad is on such a site. We are working to get it taken down. We do send our apologies for this mishap.

  5. Steven Harwell

    Lulu, not only are your ads on his website, but you are the publisher of his book. He is messing with peoples lives for the advancement of his political career and has offended and hurt millions already.
    I ask that you please look into his book that your website has published.

    1. @Steven provides an open-publishing platform which allows authors, businesses, creators and developers to distribute their content to the world. Part of being “open” means that we do not restrict content so long as it does not violate our membership agreement.
      Our open-publishing platform is based on the idea that all users are free to express their voices — more voices allow for greater dialogue.
      If content is reported to us and appears to be in violation with our member agreement, it will be pulled down. While we do not endorse many of the political views of this author, we did not find any examples of hate speech in this particular title. As a result, we did not find it to be in violation with our member agreement.
      We are looking into how our ads appeared on Caiden’s website and plan to take the appropriate steps to remove them.
      We do thank you for your concern on the topic.

  6. Zachary Childress

    Why is it taking so long for you guys to effectively remove your ads off of the Caiden Cowger Program website? Carbonite and OfficeMax were able to pull their ads almost immediately. Are you guys that out of touch with who post your ads and where they post them that the “looking into it” process takes days. I would suggest that the members of your advertising team take a more active role in your company. If you need any advice on how to get this process rolling in a timely fashion, then I can give you the contact information of the teams at Carbonite and OfficeMax.

  7. Zach, Relax – Lulu’s ads will eventually disappear. My advice is to quit spending so much time on his site reading his tripe, you’ll live longer. 😉
    Cheers, Bob.

  8. Zachary Childress

    Your right Bob, I just get a bit impatient sometimes. It has been a long road to get to where we are today. I hope that we see lasting progress during my lifetime; it is difficult feeling like a second class citizen in the country where I pay taxes and people like me go to war to protect everyone else’s place in the sun. Sorry for the impatience remarks and thank you for your company’s stance on this issue!

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