Tell Mom She's Great!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so we invite you to share a few words with us about what makes your mom so great. It’s easy – just write it in the comments below. You can say as little or as much as you like. Here are some ideas for what to write:

  • What was the best piece of advice your mom ever gave you?
  • What is your favorite thing about your mom?
  • What is your favorite memory with your mom?
  • When was a time that your mom saved the day?
  • If you could give your mom a superhero name, what would it be?
  • If you were going to write a book about your mom, what would the title be?
  • What successes have you had in your life because of your mom?
  • Why are you thankful for your mom?
  • What is something that you’ve never told your mom, that you think she would be happy to hear?
  • Create your own!

On Wednesday of next week (5/16/2012) we will pick our favorite entry and award the winner with $100 Lulu bucks. Happy Mother’s Day!


Thanks to everyone who submitted these wonderful memories of your mothers. Congratulations to the winner: Russ Bridger for this entry:

“My mother is the “wind beneath my wings”. She is a constant reminder of what is good in this world, and is an inspiration to me. I am so glad I was able to make her happy by publishing her many life stories into her book “Life’s Memories” by Agnes (Konitzer) Bridger Bast.”

31 thoughts on “Tell Mom She's Great!”

  1. Best advice- actions speak louder than words. Best memory – Mom pushing me in the grocery cart and then letting go of the handles and catching it before it rolls too fast. Best favor shes done – bought me my first car. Biggest sacrifice – traveling to my state to tell me my sibling passed (not just in phone call or email). Superhero name – Bright Angel.

  2. When I was 6, my Mom read Peter Pan to me (because even then, we have to read the book before we saw the movie!) and I asked her how Peter flew. She decided to demonstrate, climbing up onto her dresser and summarily leaping off, flapping her arms. When she landed, I remember her hopping around like mad, never knowing until many years later that she had sprained her ankle! What a Mom!!!

  3. When I was in university, my mother once carried a hot plate of food through a snow storm, on the bus, to bring to me across town.
    She didn’t drive, and I didn’t cook.
    I will never forget that the food was still warm.

  4. On my wedding day, 15 minutes before I walked down the aisle all of the bridesmaids, flower girls, etc… were together in a room in the church. The flower girls (twins, 8 yrs. old) suddenly wanted someone to paint their finger nails blue. My mother said “Of course, I’ll do it” as if nothing else was happening. So in a room filled with nervousness, excitement and anxiety I watched her calmly paint their nails. I can’t describe the feeling it gave me (and everyone else in the room for that matter), but it set the tone for the rest of the day and so much more. I’ll never forget it.

  5. One of my favorite memories of my mother is when she washed by navy blue New York Yankees ballcap. She meant to clean the dirty cap, but ended up turning the Yankee insignia a bright pink color. I will never forgot that look on her face when she had to tell me what happened to my favorite ballcap. Interestingly, pink Yankees hats are very popular today. I like to think of my mother as a trendsetter and an avid washer!

  6. One of my favorite memories of my mother is when there was a snake in our back yard and the neighbor woman asked if we had a hoe. My mom got it and handed it to her. She proceeded to start screaming and jumping up and down. My mom shook her head… took the hoe… and chopped up the snake. Then she put it in a jar and sat it in the middle of the dining room table to prove to my dad that she had killed it.

  7. I got a last minute invite to the senior prom from my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. I didn’t have a dress and my Mom sewed a dress of blue organdy for me the day before, which did the job and Mom saved the day!

  8. I read this post and am interested to write something about my mom although she passed away when I was still 3 years and 2 months old, and my brother was still 7 months old. A poem I ever wrote special for her, titled “To my Mom in heaven”
    Mom, I have something to tell you
    three words I never say to you
    three words that stay so long in my heart
    “I love you”
    Mom, I need to tell this to you
    something that I always dream about
    something that I need to do
    “I want to hug you”
    Mom, I want to tell this to you
    about my expression
    about my appreciation
    “Thank you for bringing me to this world”
    Let them blow in the air
    bring them to you
    keep them in your soul
    From your daughter on the earth
    Happy Mothers Day to all Moms!

  9. Best Advice – “Don’t get pregnant. No one will respect you.” This coming from a woman who never had sex before marriage. And, for the record, we were a typical suburban middle class family in the mid-west.

  10. What is something that you’ve never told your mom, that you think she would be happy to hear?
    I constantly get compliments on my etiquette and thoughtfulness. I write a year’s worth of birthday cards in January. Everyone should get a handwritten card on their special day. I still believe in hand-written thank you notes for everything, and sent within 30 days of the event. I owe all of that to my mother. She taught me to be thankful and humble.

  11. I am very thankful for my mom, because she loved one man her whole life, and was married for 56 yrs. He passed away in 2011, but her strenghth and Faith is awesome. She is my best friend, my rock. She is thr only one who loves me unconditionally, even after all the pain I caused her in my younger years. She has always been there for me, and at age 81 still is. I admire her for so many reasons. One being her keeping, and loving her friends, that she grew up with. Her friendliness, her non-judemental ways, her love of God, family, and friends, fills my heart with so much joy. Unlike my sisters, I do not have much to give, material wise, but would give her the world if I could. There are not enough words to express the love, joy, gratitude, and pride of being her daughter. I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve her. Mama, ti amo tanto. Your firstborn daughter. Maria

  12. One of my favorite moments was when my mom and I sat in the living room each night, drinking tea and eating Royal Dansk Danish Cookies while watching a late night comedy show, like Mama’s Family or 227. That was our bonding moment because we also talked, she’d listen and give me much needed advice to make it through tough times.

  13. Terence Conway

    Special unlike any other
    There is a special day on which we pay tribute to each Mother.
    It is supposed to be their wonderful day, unlike any other.
    For our own mothers we should know what they want.
    To be with their children, and maybe dinner at a restaurant.
    Mothers are giving in nature and want nothing in return.
    What a beautiful lesson that we should all learn.
    A kiss and a hug with their children being the supplier.
    Is the one something that all mothers desire.
    We should tell our mothers that we love them with all our heart.
    It doesn’t matter if we’re with them or miles apart.
    So on this special day I want to say to my wonderful Mother.
    I hope today is special because you are unlike any other.
    Terence Lee Conway

  14. My mom is so awesome, so awesome in fact she is the inspiration for all my strong female leads, when I get down to the basic core of what makes them, them, it is my mom. She is the strongest women I know, and what better way to immortalize her than to base my writing on the woman, who showed me no matter what life throws at you (she lost her buried 3 babies and her husband, watched her mother and brother die from horrible medical conditions) you still get up. You live standing. If I ever wrote a book about her it would be simply titled Mom… in that word it states a lot, I believe it is one of the strongest words in the world, because it what I call the woman I see as the strongest woman I will ever know.

  15. One of many best memories is taking piano lessons from mom. She taught piano lessons out of the home for over 30+ years, and I was lucky enough to be her student for 15+ years until I got busy with college and working nearly full time as well. I always am thankful for her countless hours of dedication and helping me to learn to play the piano. Music has been a life long hobby/passion of mine, and I owe so much of that to mom. She was tougher on me than any other student, but I always know it was because she cared about me and the fact that she knew I could accomplish so much!

  16. My mother is so important, because she has been through so much over the years. She is an inspiration to her friends and especially her children having so many health issues and so many things that have gone wrong yet she continues to push forward. No matter how bleak the situation, she does everything she can to still find the time to laugh and always looks for some sort of humor no matter what the situation is. Without her, her children would be lost and we owe the world to her for everything she has done.

  17. HelenJane Tarso

    I have lots of great memories, was when I lived in Norway as an Au Pair when I was 20 and my family took me to California for Easter Holidays and my mom showed up to spend the holidays with me. We went along the coast from San Francisco down to Anaheim to go to Disney. What a great trip that was. Even though it was 20 years ago now, I remember that trip as the best. Now, I have my own children, I try to make many lasting memories with them.

  18. I love my mom because she raised two kids a single parent income. I was one hell of a butt head challenging her at every turn. My mom was very strict. I ran away at 17 and gave my mom tons of worry and sleepless nights until I repaired our relationship. She welcomed me back. However it took sometime. Our relationship is wonderful. She is a good friend and her husband, my second step father is the real deal a wonderful man. It took me into my mid twenties to realize the gravity and the value of my mother. The discipline, respect, values, and common sense she gave me. My mother rules.

  19. My mom is SPECIAL because of: “the upbringing she gave me, she has taught me about LOVE,DISCIPLINE. We go to church together!! She even treats me out and spoils me. We also look like each other and just about anything about LIFE, wetalk about, were best friends. I love my mom with ALL my heart & soul and THANK GOD she’s still here!!!

  20. My mother got pregnant with me in high school, and chose to not abort me, even though she was given the option. My grandmother refused to let my biological father around her, and she had to go to prom alone, get a job, and try to feed me (a very hungry baby, apparently) with what little she had. When I was two years old, she married a man she wasn’t in love with to give me a better life. Unbeknownst to me until I had my own children, my mother sacrificed her own happiness for me since before I was even born. Although she is happy in the life she has now, I know it’s not how she would have chosen it to be. And she did it all for me.

  21. Best memory I had with my mother was when she held one of my hands and my father held the other on the dirt road let me swing my legs back fort. Dad passed after hat all I had was mom then.

  22. Kristen Flowers

    Best memory-When I was in foster care as a young kid, I was given a dollar to spend at the newly opened Dollar Tree. With that dollar I bought my mom a Dalmatian figurine, for that was her favorite dog. When I got to see her again, I gave her the gift. To this day I remember the tears of joy shed that day.

  23. My mother is the “wind beneath my wings”. She is a constant reminder of what is good in this world, and is an inspiration to me. I am so glad I was able to make her happy by publishing her many life stories into her book “Life’s Memories” by Agnes (Konitzer) Bridger Bast.

  24. •What was the best piece of advice your mom ever gave you? Connect brain to tongue first then talk.
    •What is your favorite thing about your mom? Her elegance out of misery.
    •What is your favorite memory with your mom? her last desperate glance, when we both new we would never meet again.
    •When was a time that your mom saved the day? burnout into summer, she spalmed greek yogurt on my naked body for hours till the pain was gone.
    •If you could give your mom a superhero name, what would it be? Batman
    •If you were going to write a book about your mom, what would the title be? Another hero’s life.
    •What successes have you had in your life because of your mom? I got alife because of my mom who wanted not to let me go when times got harder for me.
    •Why are you thankful for your mom? She has support all of my offensive attempts to exist without her.
    •What is something that you’ve never told your mom, that you think she would be happy to hear? I forgive her, she did not knowas she has done so many times because I did not know.
    •Create your own! 🙂

  25. Thanks to you
    I know how to be real
    Not to steal
    And how to cook
    my own meals
    Thanks to you
    I am who I am
    And I can work my way
    Out of any tight jam
    Thanks to you
    I am here today
    You tought me
    To fight my own way
    Through this rough world
    Thanks to you
    I take no crap
    And run from no one
    Cause you taught me
    thats not the way
    For me to live
    Thanks to you
    Im a good mom
    A good wife
    A good soul
    Thanks to you
    I was born
    I’m alive
    I have survived
    I am strong
    Thanks to you
    I know right
    from wrong
    Thanks to you
    I can sing my own song
    Write my own rhyme
    March to my own drum
    Thanks to you
    I know how to love
    How to be kind
    But, how to be tough
    Thanks to you
    I am who I am
    I love you very much!

  26. She was driving me to my high school’s ‘College Night’ where the schools’ advisors were presenting an info seminar to graduating seniors. It was an early spring night. Mom held a lit cigarette between her right hand’s fingers as she gripped the wheel. We both spotted a small area were we could park the station wagon amidst the crowd of cars that had already taken possession. Bu there was one problem. A car was about to back up into the spot.
    “Mom we can’t park there!” I pointed out.
    “We’ll just see about that.” My mother took a puff from her cigarette and let it remain dangling from her lips. In one svelte move she drove into the empty spot. The original car parker yelled out some nasty comment, of which I don’t remember. He was not a happy camper.
    I walked with mom as she directed her comment to the other driver and to the universe, “It’s a doggie dog world”.
    She was a class act with her high cheek bones and her classic graceful stride. But that night Mom was your typical cab driving New Yorker who wasn’t about to let anyone stand in her way.

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