Author Success Story: Lucia Cascioli

When Lucia Cascioli first finished her novella, Struck, she thought she’d try her hand at traditional publishing, an experience that didn’t pan out as she’d hoped.

“It was frustrating to say the least, especially after one publishing house lost my manuscript,” explains Lucia. The long wait to hear back, coupled with the less-than-stellar royalty and advance rates typically given to authors without a track record, didn’t exactly make Lucia want to continue struggling down the big publisher road.

Then she discovered Lulu, which changed the way she thought about getting her book into the hands of readers.

“Lulu is my one-stop-shop that meets all my needs: professional staff, great editors and cover designers, and the ability to have my books sold in print and online. My project manager explained the process to me and coordinated the services in each of my packages, hassle free.”

Novels aren’t the only genre Lucia has successfully tackled. Earlier this year she jumped from fiction to the kitchen by publishing her first cookbook, From Scratch to Finish.

Outside of Lulu, Lucia worked hard to promote her books and build her online community. She has a Twitter account, she culled her own mailing list, which she uses to announce new books, and her personal website has just launched.

Overall, Lucia is thrilled to be an independent author and has big plans for the future. Already at work on her fourth novel, she says she’ll be sticking with Lulu for all of her upcoming publishing needs. In fact, thanks to Lulu’s marketing help, her books will be on display at The Word on the Street festival in Toronto in September.

Returning to her passion — creative writing — has been a rewarding dream come true for Lucia. Her advice to writers is to skip the long, traditional route and reward yourself and your readers sooner.

“If you have a story to tell the world, have confidence in yourself and turn to Lulu to help you along the way. I hope you enjoy publishing as much as I have.”

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