Lulu Celebrates Life@50+ with AARP

Where are the Lunatics today? We’re out in New Orleans celebrating Life@50+ with AARP.
At Lulu we believe that everyone has a story to share, and we take pride in helping people do just that. This is why we’re so excited to be here at the AARP conference where the crowd has been sharing some of their most unique, touching, extraordinary, silly and thoughtful stories with us. The wealth of knowledge and life experience here is incredible, and we love to offer services that can help preserve this wealth of knowledge and pass it along from generation to generation, whether that’s in the form of a novel, a recipe book or a photo book.
We are feeling totally invigorated after day one of the AARP conference – a day chock full of great story sharing.
So what’s your story? What memories do you want to share in words or photographs?

3 thoughts on “Lulu Celebrates Life@50+ with AARP”

  1. Michael Kersting

    I have published all my books on but recently I noticed that there is a Spanish/English converter added which I find very confusing and frustrating that’s really a turn off.I would like my page to use ENGLISH alone minus the converter. Is there a way I can do that?. Hoping for a speedy reply ….Thanks !

    1. @Michael – Lulu’s site does not feature the type of language converter that you describe here. Perhaps this is a feature in your Web browser? Is your browser using Google Translate or BabelFish or a similar service?

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