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It’s the final day to submit photos to Lulu’s Family Photos for the Holidays contest to win a Canon Rebel T3i Camera (worth $650), 2 Google Nexus 7 Tablets, Target gift cards and Lulu bucks. After peaking at the submissions that have come in so far, we have to admit we’ve had a few “aaaawwwwww!!!” moments that make us all want to rush to the phone and call our relatives to remind them that we love them and miss them.

This whole contest idea got started when a fellow Lunatic made a photo book of her son’s Little League pictures as a gift for his coach. You really realize the power of a photograph when you see a big burly guy like him tear up as he leafs through the pages.

So, the contest was born to celebrate cherished moments and to encourage people to create unique, personalized and emotional gifts this holiday season by putting together photo books and calendars. Expose the true power and beauty of your family photos by releasing them from the backup drive, mobile phone or computer screen they’re locked in.

Frank Brueske, a professional photographer who’s helping us judge our contest, puts it this way:  “Aside from actual hugs, photos capture and convey love like nothing else, but we leave too many great shots locked in limbo. The reality is that most pictures will sit in hard drives and cell phones, and future generations 20 or 30 years from now will never see them.”

He adds a call to action: “Free the photos!”

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  1. When I walked in the room in nicu I felt the devine presence of Angels all around you , God has his angels&your’e one of them too!!! youre in good hands,sweet lullabies,my dear lil one…
    Janessa Briella Rose:
    Ten lil fingers, Ten lil toes,so tender & so small
    I love you my Angel,God keep you so close ….Can’t wait to have you SOON at home!!!a poem from Grandma straight from the heart,can’t wait to see you, my sweet, my Love xo Grandma Lulu Baby@ Loma Linda Med.Ctr.4lbs.2oz born 11-8-2012 premature

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