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Alert! There’s only one more page on my calendar. I’ve already hit the dilemma that there’s no page in my calendar for me to scribble down exciting things that I have planned for 2013, which means that it’s high time for me to create my 2013 calendar.

For me – someone who lives and dies by her calendar – creating my calendar is a very important process for me. It’s a chance for me to reflect on what my goals are for the coming year and to select pictures that will keep me motivated and remind me of what’s important to me.

So, what’s important to me? Travel, family, fun, charitable giving , nd my local community. So, these are what I highlight in the pictures I select for my calendar. Seeing these pictures each day beside my desk keeps me motivated and brings a smile to my face as I recall each memory.

Earlier this season we invited local North Carolina groups to create calendars that reflect the things that will motivate them in 2013. Below we’ve highlighted four participants who are in the running to win $1000 based on most calendar sales by the end of the year. What I love about these examples is how they reflect the same things that I hold dear: supporting local food and communities, having fun, supporting charitable causes, promoting good health and celebrating a love of reading.

Bookish Quirks
The Freebooksy Bookish Quirks Calendar celebrates readers by pointing out funny things that we readers do or think. In short, it’s a collection of quirks from bookish people!
Cirque De Vol Studios
This 2013 calendar showcases some of the many talents our amazing instructors here at Cirque de Vol have and love to share with the community!
Cafe Helios
Calendar featuring selected images from Cafe Helios in Raleigh, NC.
Help April Breath Easy Foundation
Mental Image is giving 20% of all profits to the Help April Breathe Easy Foundation. Body Painters include Tiffany Bickler, Emily Wagner, Emilio Jeffries, and Lisa Snead. We are using our healthy body’s to stop this disease.

These are just four great examples of calendar ideas. We hope you found some inspiration here. Calendars make great holiday gifts and they are also a way for your company, group, organization or charity to raise some money. If you do decide to create a calendar in order to raise some money, here are a few tips for marketing and selling your calendar:

  1. Announce it on your Facebook page. Be sure to include a link to your calendar.
  2. Write a blog post about your organization’s goals, motivations and commitments for 2013 and explain how your calendar reflects those. Be sure to include a link to your calendar.
  3. Link to the calendar from your website.
  4. Order some copies of your own calendar and sell them at the register or at events.
  5. Link to your calendar in your newsletter

What are your motivations for 2013? Have you created your calendar yet?

3 thoughts on “Mark your calendar with inspiration for 2013”

  1. Thank you for this article.
    I was looking for calendar to print and I’ve founded your website.
    Few minutes ago, I’ve visited .. i’ve tried to print from this website but it’s not very easy !
    Have you got ideas to print a 2013 calendar ?
    Thanks forward.

  2. You need to remove the “Help April Breathe Easy” example. It maybe a good idea, but Lisa Snead is a scam artist and scammed that poor girl out of money. I regret to have ever worked with her.

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