What Are You Thankful For?

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I’ll keep this short and sweet so that you can get back to your family, food, and festivities. We’re asking a simple, but important question:


In five sentences, answer this question in the comments below for the chance to win $100 to spend at Lulu.com.

A team of Lulu judges will select our favorite entry and award the winner at our sole discretion. We will accept entries until 11:59 pm EST on Monday, Nov. 26, 2012. We will announce the winner on our blog by 6 pm EST on Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012.

We hope you will enjoy writing your entry and reflecting what you are thankful for. For what it counts, we are incredibly thankful for you, the creators of the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

87 thoughts on “What Are You Thankful For?”

  1. I have so many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. My family, my friends, the internet (so I can stay connected with all of them). . . But, I also have to say I am thankful for Lulu.com! You helped me self-publish my first novel (Pandora’s Box and Other Problems) and get the word out! Thank you!

  2. I am thankful for all of the opportunities I have been afforded. My family, my friends, my job, all gifts really when you think about what some people in this world are dealing with. There is so much that is taken for granted every day that it is nice to reflect and compare on what could be, if any one of us were forced to live without the freedoms we have come to expect. I am thankful that I am able to share the time off I have with loved ones and not in a line or lines fighting for the best deal on a TV at 5:30 in the morning. I am truly thankful that I get to enjoy each day that I am given.

  3. I am thankful to be able to work with a host of talented authors over the eight years as a publisher and 22 years as an author. I am very thankful for the working relationship I have with Lulu.com to help me unleash as many authors I have as Lake Fossil Press. One of them has a movie out too.

  4. I am thankful for life, health, strength, and a sound mind. I am thankful for the ability to use my God-given talent of writing to reach more people than I encounter everyday. I am thankful to live and fulfill my purpose as my steps are being ordered. I am thankful to be able to give back to my community and help those less fortunate. I am thankful for every experience in this life, good or bad, because they all have helped me to grow.

  5. I am thankful for the gift that was given to me. An imagination to create children’s storybooks about daily life issues. My inspiration and motivation are from two very special men, they taught me the meaning of, “never give up, try one more time.”

  6. I am thankful for my dear friends and family who continue to support my photographic endeavors. I’m also thankful for Lulu being there to publish my calendar.

  7. I am thankful because I look for reasons to be thankful. Too many people don’t appreciate what they have, especially when they have plenty. I’ve been through difficult times when my mom was sick, and our family struggled to survive. Still, I was grateful that we were able to get through those times together. What I learned is that we should always appreciate our blessings, especially when we have few of them.

  8. I am thankful for Lulu.com for allowing me to walk the stepping stones of my dreams of becoming a writer by providing me with the services which allow me to published my content. It has opened me up to many opportunities for my future. I am also thankful for lulu.com for having an alternative user friendly market which gives other writers a great chance of success for free. Thanks you for giving me great opporunity.

  9. Well, I guess a lot of writers are thankful for you too! I know I am… finding a publisher ist awfully hard, takes time and money and patience… and most of the time you just get a lot rejection letters. I’m selling my books via Lulu now and am grateful that I don’t actually need a publisher anymore.
    Plus, I’m very thankful for being in a wonderful relationship and for my health, family and friends. I’m grateful that I have a roof over my head, a full plate and a little money. A lot of people don’t have any of those things.

  10. I am deeply and eternally thankful for the extraordinary, the brilliant, the exceptional and very beautiful women who graced me and blessed me with their presence in my life.
    I thank them all and I love them all with all my heart and soul.

  11. I’m thankful for Lulu which gives me the opportunity to publish my book about health and wellness in a natural way. This is a good way to share my knowledge to as many people as possible and I’m glad Lulu was here for that.

  12. Yes! I’m thankful for so much – every time I see a puddle in the street, I’m thankful to our town council for neglecting to fix it so that birds and strays can have a drink of water. I’m thankful for the rays of sunshine warming the homeless during the winter months and for every breath I painlessly take. I thank God for putting up with us. Happy Thanksgiving to all “Luluans” and everyone else.
    Chrystall Antoniadou-Karra

  13. I am disabled, two of my children have autism, and the third one will eventually manifest my disability. My bride, my beloved wife, is not only a caregiver to the four of us, but to innumerable others in her profession as a Registered Nurse. I am thankful that we are all otherwise in good health, mostly due to her care. I am thankful that our family is developing a strength of character to become more than our disabilities. I am thankful that we are growing to be overcomers.

  14. I am thankful for having the strength to try and guide my children through the the loss of their father who died in an accident. I am thankful for having the confidence to re-start my creative writing course. I am thankful for the news friends we have met on the next phase of our journey of life. I am thankful that we finally managed to get my husbands ashes home, a year after his funeral. I am thankful that my children and I are slowly, trying to put the pieces of our life back together.

  15. Hello, I’m a young french man and I’m not very good in english but I want to say to all the team of lulu.com that I’ve published my first novel on your website. I’m very thankful than an american system allows me to sell my book (I hope so) all over the world and in my country of france. Finally, in few words, I want to say yhat I’m glad that you exist. Yours sincerely and see you in a while, crocodiles. Jérémy 😉

  16. I am thankful for my living muses: my daughter Olivia (the heartbeat of my life), my wife Samantha and my best buddy Murphy, who inspire me everyday to be the best writer I can be. I am thankful for my ethereal muses: Sylvia, Emily, Edgar and Henry, who guide me in the wee hours of night. I am extremely thankful to live in a lulu world, where creativity is nurtured, respected and valued over the business and beaurocracy of “traditional publishing”. I am most thankful for the privilege of having completed five works (soon to be six!) and the encouragement and support of the lulu team and members. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow writists and lulu!!

  17. I’m thankful for getting a book out of my bag if I’m sitting in the bus or aboard the ferry and not my mobile or smart phone.
    I’m thankful because I own true friends and a family who went through a lot of problems without giving in even if it got unbearable sometimes.
    I’m thankful my skills as a writer, for my patience and for the lnoging I still feel within my innermost.
    I’m thankful about the fact that my dreams are still stronger than every disappointment I had to suffer.
    And I’m thankful of having come to know who I really am…

  18. On this day of thanks, I’m most grateful to be surrounded by such unconditional love & friendship. Up until now, I’ve been enduring chronic pain from a work injury, which cost me a dream job but has led me to new-found love & utter possibilities. Without having suffered such pain, I never would have moved or met the love of my life, found a place to call ‘home, in the literal sense vs. being a wandering gypsy, gallavanting & having world adventures. I’m so forever thankful each day that pain has led me to a place of groundedness & love & a family that I’ve never had or thought I ever deserved… It has made me more empathetic, lovable & most humbled & grateful.. The conclusion is Love. With that, everything else that should matter will come. Happy Thanksgiving to us all.

  19. I’m thankful to God for everything that I am and for blessing me with so much talent. I am thankful for my family, friends & relatives who have stood by me in good and trying times. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my inspiration with the world through my book, Passing Phases. I am thankful for me, a gift to the world (I strongly believe so), as I work to be a positive impact to mankind. I am thankful for the air that I breathe freely, an abundant gift!

  20. What am I thankful for? This is what I ponder day in and day out. Perhaps I am thankful for my writing, my several published books with Lulu, the fact that I have never laid a single finger on a sip of alcohol, never smoked one cigarette nor did I do one drug. I have never been arrested and have pretty well grades. I am also greatly thankful for my beloved family. I could say that I am thankful for each and every detail in which I have described, yet the truth is that I am deeply thankful for life.

  21. I am thankful everyday, not just today, for all I have: a wonderful family, a house over my head, my faith, and that the election is over! I’m thankful we have a great and caring President. God bless America!

  22. I am deeply moved with great gratitude to have survived four necessary surgical procedures during the summer that required recovery, periods of rest with no exercise. Yet by the grace of God, I survived these obstacles win win Gold in the National Trail Marathon Championship for ages 70-up! Just surviving was enough, yet this event of inspirational proportion!

  23. Lulu! I am thankful for the launch of my first business, PodShare. I pray that people all over the world have an opportunity to travel and that we can help provide an affordable, safe option in Hollywood. I am thankful for anyone that helped make this dream a reality and I hope that next year we can celebrate the opening of a new location: PodShare Venice Beach.
    I asked a group of travelers to share this American holiday with us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_8jpTnoUUk&feature=youtu.be&hd=1

  24. Im thankful for life itself, it’s fantastic how great human kind is, and nature itself its just the beautiful of our planet. I live thankfully and gratefully with the world and with my parents and with God.

  25. I am thankful for the gift of life, family, and friends. The simple pleasure of waking up each day with my two lovely daughters by my side is a treasure I will always cherish. Happy days spent with a loving family and faithful friends can never compare to any luxury the world can offer. Everyday is a new reason to be grateful for. I am just thankful I was given the opportunity to experience life and all its sweetness and sorrows combined which molds me into what God purposed me to be.

  26. I am thankful to the Lord that I am still alive answering this question. Really amazing for me to thank God for His loving ways on my life. The very best I can do is to love God above all things. And, spread the good news to all human beings on this planet called earth. So, the very best thing to be thankful are my life and loving HIM all throughout my destiny.

  27. Bryan Yves Araneta

    I am so happy to have discovered Lulu because it gave me the opportunity to publish my works at zero cost. In a third-world country like mine, I thought all my dreams of becoming an international author will end in futility. I have not uploaded anything yet but I am already polishing my works and is very enthusiastic with the future. I am very confident that I will be known to the world via Lulu. With Lulu, everything about publishing is possible!

  28. My wife may be gone; and I feel deeply sorry for her, but as for me, I have a hedge of protection covering me.
    I realized today that everything’s going to be okay, because God has blessed me with strong family roots.

  29. adesanya adetunji

    i am thankful for the life (d air i breath in n out), my family, friends, colleagues etc.
    I am also thankful for God’s mercy n grace upon my life despite my flaws.
    I’m thankful for sound health over my life, family n friends.
    I’m thankful for God’s hand of protection n provision.
    I’m very thankful to God for unmerited favour, i’ve had my needs met.

  30. Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name;
    make known among the nations what he has done.
    I thank God because all who are among the living have hope, because a living dog is better than a dead lion.

  31. Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name;
    make known among the nations what he has done.
    I thank God because all who are among the living have hope, because a living dog is better than a dead lion.I thank God because His presence was a joy, but so was the news he brought of the encouragement he received from you. When he told us how much you long to see me, and how sorry you are for what happened, and how loyal you are to me, I was filled with joy and I thank God I have been crucified with Christ and It is no longer I who live.

  32. First of all, I’m thankful for having a wonderful family: a lovely husband and four wonderful children. I’m thankful for great healthy we have, especially for my son who had gotten lungs transplants last year and now he is doing great. I’m thankful for having many opportunities I have in this new country (US): from work, being an author, and now I’m taking a school. I’m thankful to knowing Lulu.com couple years ago. Because of Lulu.com, I could create photo books contains my family pictures that I arranged with my poems and sent it to my family in Indonesia. And of course, I’m always thankful for everything God has given to me and family members, either in US and in Indonesia. AMEN.

  33. First of all, I’m thankful for having a wonderful family: a lovely husband and four wonderful children. I’m thankful for great health we have, especially for my son who had gotten lungs transplant last year and now he is doing great. I’m thankful for having many opportunities I have in this new country (US): from having job, being an author, and now I’m taking a school. I’m thankful for knowing Lulu.com couple years ago. Because of Lulu.com, I could create photo books contain my family pictures that I arranged with my poems and sent it to my family in Indonesia. And of course, I’m always thankful for everything God has given to me and all my family members, either in US and in Indonesia. AMEN.

  34. I am Thankfull — for being Born and never knowing my Mum.
    I am Thankfull — for growing up a Hoodlum and always being on the Run.
    I am Thankfull — for learning early the Power of a Gun.
    I am Thankfull — for all lifes Lessons that I learned so Young.
    I am Thankfull — just Thankfull for all the Bad Things I Never Done.

  35. Eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to love. I am so thankful to realize the Divine. For those who acknowledge the creator of the universe, we are never more like Him than when we are using the gifts that He gives us to be creative. To share life with the ones we love, and to live life in grace and peace, inspires true gratefulness.

  36. I am thankful for my freedom and my feet take me everywhere,
    I am grateful for the words, images, sense, reason and truth.
    I am thankful for life and for death.
    I am grateful for the bread, wine, coffee, sweets.
    I am thankful for water, air, fire and earth …

  37. I’m grateful that I no longer have the drive or desire to wake up at 2 am to get trampled at 3 in order to get the “it” item everyone else wants.

  38. I am thankful to jehovah the creator of the universe for what He is done in my life, and the life’s of my friends, relatives and how He is been so faithful to us for seeing a new dawn always despise we inperfect humans. Oh! Thanks to our Grand Creator the father of our lord jesus christ

  39. I’m thankful for my son who turned two this year and the abundant blessings he’s been bringing into my life so far. For his Dad, who despite all the troubles and inconveniences he’s facing, has chosen to stay by us and give us full support. For my mum who’s been an angel in my life through all these trying periods. For the huge progress I’m making in my writing career. And finally for Lulu, because they’ll be making my long dream of becoming an adult fiction writer to be coming to pass soon.

  40. I am Thankfull to God for giving me such a wonderfull life on earth and moreover a beautifull familly with love of mother , father , brother, sister, niece ,and ofcourse you god..
    also to lulu.com giving me chance to express my feelings here to what i m thankfull of…

  41. I am thankful for this brain that i got. It has help me to think, create, dream, imagine and it has helped me to do many things. It is helping me think and write even now. Yes, it has also help me know that lulu.com exist. And it is going to help me use my winning wisely!


    I AM thankful for the wonderful nature God created revealing His glory and majesty. Thankful for God charting the course of history of mankind through His Word before happening. Thankful that l am alive till today. Thankful for impacting the world . Thankful because the name of the Lord shall be glorified in the end, through all eternity!

  43. I’m thankful that God created this world to His own design and that He sees fit to bless. I’m thankful that in this world we live in, blessings that we choose not to hoard, but instead allow to pass through us to others, multiply exponentially. I’m thankful that sometimes He allows me to realize this so that I can try to be a blessing to those around me.

  44. I’m thankful to Mr. Yousuf Ali who had got such wonderful ideas. In saudi arabia it was so boring for me. There was no place for hangouts or to enjoy. Now me and my friends, relatives etc are so happy for having such a wonderful mall in saudi. In our leisure time we used to go to lulu and blast there. Also i’m thankful for the varieties of food available. It all has got a very good taste.
    Anyway lulu rocks:-)

  45. I am thankful for the given life. W/ out it, I can’t thank God, my family, and my friends. God gives me a lot of options to choose but the most important thing is, following His will and I am so thankful for that.. I am thankful too that He gave me the people who really understand me as of who I am.
    I am so thankful for the given life I have because the kind of life I have makes me being a whole..

  46. Im thankful for jasmin winchester.. jenny kastein, Kamile lapinskaite, they are my echelon friend in other country. im lonesome here . but they are make me happy. even we don’t know each other and meet. i just want they know this.

  47. I am thankful for the mental fortitude to go out and pursue my dreams.The self-awareness to measure what is attainable and what is not attainable for me. I am then doubly thankful that I have found true happiness in whatever circumstances that I find when I wake up the next morning.It makes life so interesting to know that I get only what is meant or me. It keeps me deliriously happy and content.

  48. Não é o primeiro livro que edito, mas ao editar no formato oferecido pelo LULU, tenho que reconhecer e ficar grato por proporcionar ao mundo uma forma de apoio à cultura, ao conhecimento e à opinião livre.
    A Humanidade estava a precisar e o livro também…bem-haja

  49. The world is filled with people who are thankful for being able to write words of joy, sadness or mystery. Others are thankful for the opportunity to read their words. Me? I am thankful there’s Lulu to tear down any barriers between the two.

  50. Michael Kersting

    First of all,I am thankful to God for keeping me alive.
    2. I am thankful that I have enough food,clothing and shelter plus someone to love.
    3.I am thankful that I have four loving and lovely children and four grandchildren to cheer me up.
    4.I am thankful for having good health so that I can help myself.
    5. I am thankful that I live in a free country (Canada )where I don’t have to worry about where the next meal will come from.

  51. it becomes so easy and complicated to answer. Okay.. This’s d’ point. I always thankful 4 my way to live, but it’s so difficult to thank to whom.. What do U think?

  52. I am thankful for thr gift of life that the Lord has blessed me. with this life i am able to share the beauty and goodness of life,as planned by my Divine Source for all of us to have.
    I thank God for this privilege ang grace!

  53. Billi Jo Thrasher

    I am very Thankful for every solider past and present. They have given up so much for us! To keep us free and safe. Thank You each and every one of you!!

  54. I am thankful for life. That I am here breating and also thankful for friends and family and knowing about lulu.com, and thankful that my books are gradually getting out there to the people.

  55. I am thankful for my health! I had a recent bicycle accident (it was all my own fault and I injured no one else but my safe) but I walked away with just internal pain and a new nice little scar on my face – it all happened about 3 weeks away from my only sister’s wedding! I got behind on a family recipe book I was making for the accident with my pain and trips to the doctor, but was able to publish it on Lulu the other day, and fingers crossed I might get it in time for the wedding (or a little bit late). Needless to say I am thankful for many things including my health, lulu.com, and the wedding happening this weekend!

  56. I’m thankful for God the Father, he has been so great to me. I’m thankful that he gave up his only Son to die on the cross my not only my sins, but the whole world. I’m thankful for my family–church family, biological family and Lulu family. I’m thankful for the ability that God has given me to write. And I’m thankful for whom I am–not what other’s wanted me to be, but what God has called me to be!

  57. I am thankful that I have a good job, better friends, and the best family.
    I’m thankful that I have the time and money to pursue my hobbies and interests, the freedom to live the way I choose to live, and the honesty to love who and what I choose to love.
    More than anything I’m thankful that I have the wherewithal to understand that none of it was simply handed to me and that someone, somewhere, had to work hard and sacrifice much for all of it.
    I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to work just as hard and sacrifice just as much if necessary to achieve my goals and help others in need.

  58. My gratitude flows endlessly for the countless blessings bestowed upon me. First and foremost, I am completely grateful for the good health my children and I walk with everyday. Without our health, life is extremely difficult, limiting our fullest capacity. Secondly, I am thankful for the roof over my head, the food on my table and for my job, which enables me to earn. Lastly, I am grateful for the unconditional Love and the never ending mercy God has for me and all His children.

  59. Life! As a woman fighting cancer right now, I’m thankful for my life and whatever life looks like when I’m finished. That includes all the people in it–my family; my husband; my caretakers; my amazing friends; my colleagues and clients, and all the people who were strangers but have come into my life because of cancer. I’m thankful that I’m able to fight this disease and look beyond it to so many amazing blessings. I’m thankful to be here–right now!

  60. Past, Present, Future –
    a lot to be thankful for,
    most of all presents.
    Born in times of peace,
    I listened to grandma’s tales
    of war and hunger.
    Loved and safe at home,
    starving only for knowledge,
    I had fun in school.
    Fond memories – how
    I laughed with my silly dad
    and played games with him.
    Behold; the purring
    hunter of the night returns,
    bearing gifts for me!

  61. Glad that I can help others when I have no money, even when I was homeless an entire year. That I know how to read and write. To the woman who gave me socks when I had none. The family who took me in. For the bad experiences which have taught me not to do so to others.

  62. I am thankful that this year I chose to change my life; it makes me feel in charge of my own destiny. I spent the whole New Year’s week of 2012 with my family, which was more time than usual because we were celebrating my dad’s recovery from brain surgery. At the end of February, I decided to leave the country and spent the next eight months in Nicaragua teaching English and living with some of the poorest, kindest people in the world. When I came back to North Carolina in August, instead of returning to the restaurant work I’ve done for years, I found a job where I get to write, so my creative mojo is flowing. Now I’m gearing up for the first job interview I’ve ever been excited about- to teach English as a second language in NC… so it seems life is moving in the right direction.

  63. 1. all the people in my life
    2. The ability to write poetry
    3. my general health.
    4. The good Lord above
    5. making new friends on facebook

  64. I am thankful for the simple things in life like clean air and clean water. I am thankful for the beautiful land that stole my heart away – the Oregon Coast. I am thankful for the wondrousness and awe-inspiring ability of a star-filled night sky. I am thankful for being surrounded by people I love and being generally fortunate in life as I have been able to retain my childlike wonder of the world even during times of tragedy and despair. I am simply thankful that I have things to be thankful for.

  65. I am thankful that my Dr. Finally found the cause of my symptoms. My hands are getting weaker, My eyes are getting dim. But I am also thankful for the time I have left to use these muscles along with my imagination. To create picture books for my future grandchildren is my goal.

  66. Great way to be happy-and that is being thankful! I am thankful for the opportunities that came without anticipating. I am also thankful for good health, new friends, family bonding and everyday that we wake up each morning for new life. Lots to be thankful, my friend.
    Have a great day!

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  72. I am thankful for all the hardships I’ve encountered in my life for they have brought me back home after 7 years to my family and friends.
    I am thankful for my strength for when times got hard I pulled myself together and saw light at the end of the tunnel.
    I am thankful for being able to recognize that nothing in life is permanent and now I welcome change.
    I am thankful to my friend who never gave up trying to convince me that being a flight attendant is the perfect job for me- and as it turns out- she was right!
    I am thankful for recognizing that money will not bring happiness but the people who surround us and life’s adventures!

  73. Me too!!! I would travel the world spending my entire life cleaning the planet if I could afford it! Unfortunately, without education and sustainable practices the plastic will keep returning…

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