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Each month during our company meetings we take time to highlight customer success stories: authors who, after multiple years, have completed their dream or have realized an unforeseen sales increase. For December I wanted to depart a bit from that topic and instead look at a more timely and relevant theme. As we enter into the holiday season, let’s each consider how we make a difference on a daily basis. In the meeting, I asked, “When’s the last time you made a difference?” Some of the replies we got were one employee who purchased a cup of coffee for someone that morning who didn’t have the money for it and another employee who showed his 3-year-old son how to hold his newborn. Some of you may have recently donated blood, given your time coaching a youth recreation team, or helped your child last night with homework. In each instance, you made a difference.

Now, let’s focus on our creators who make a difference. The following Lulu creators are making a difference…for the Environment, for Animal Rescue, for Quality of Life, for Children’s Health, for Wildlife, and for Families.

Society for Wilderness Stewardship

Celebrate Wilderness 2013
Help celebrate the importance of the National Wilderness Preservation System with your purchase.

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

Marley's Mutts 2013
Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue has rescued close to 600+ dogs since it was started. This calendar’s proceeds will go directly to help raise funds for Marley’s Mutts to continue their mission. The calendar contains dogs rescued this year as well as some of their permanent pack!

Cats R Us

Cats R Us
Cats R Us is a non-profit feral cat and kitten rescue organization in the Annapolis, Maryland area whose focus is TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return). They humanely trap, vaccinate, sterilize and ear-tip (for identification by veterinarians) feral cats.

These were just a few of many. Share with us the ways you are making a difference!

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