Sonnet Contest for Valentine’s Day

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Today we challenge you, our Lulus fair
To write sonnets for your sweet Valentines
That speak of love in tone so debonair
So as to woo our judge to pick your lines
To enter, post your verses here below.
Submit by Monday, February 18th to win.
Please keep them family friendly (this you know)
On Tuesday, then, the judging will begin.
The winner gets 100 Lulu bucks.
So wax poetic now and charm your dear
To blush and swoon and say to you “Aw, shucks!
Now your affection for me is quite clear.”
And now we turn the floor over to you.
So Happy Valentine’s Day from Lulu.
02.20.2013 Update:
Congrats to Scottt Raven, the winner of the Valentine’s Day Sonnet Contest. To check out more of his sonnets, check out his website and his eBook.

19 thoughts on “Sonnet Contest for Valentine’s Day”

  1. It was a Sunday afternoon and
    Even after watching a splendid variety of vampire drama
    I know I’m not compelled in what I say
    I’d made such a healthy Sunday dinner and thought I’d find
    Setting out reliving in my mind the poor selection I know I’ll find
    According to my taste buds anyway
    How the Cafés have no variety and limited cakes in my
    midwestern exile, I’m from the east you see
    Intriguing were desserts in Istanbul, a place that redefined sweets for me
    A more unique variety in Middle Eastern cuisine
    Deciding a place to go I mused, “what are the odds” then
    journeyed back
    We used to meet up the three of us and all the friends
    Those regulars who lent character and helped create atmosphere
    You cooked so your sister’d be spoiled but you’re not there
    It caught in my throat, as I walked not far from my place
    What kind of exercise can I call that
    But how will it feel, a question I didn’t have to ask
    So I thought about the desserts I might find, noticing my
    reflection as
    I passed restaurant glass, a little jab to distract from the stab
    Well I talked myself out of Death by Chocolate right then
    Not in shape for that yet, does that make sense
    I read through the menu crossed decadence off my list to settle for
    A scoop with chocolate sauce and iced coffee
    The place never made espresso no sense to complain and it was
    All that my pocketbook would allow anyway so
    I combined them both into Coffee Royal as the cicadas
    drowned music piped out to the patio
    Yes cicadas decided to stop by and start the summer off
    As numerous as any biblical plagues recorded eating trees in their
    The coffee should mellow the white wine and liquor I had
    So I can walk and smooth out what I saw in my reflection
    and aid digestion
    But when all’s said and done, I don’t think I’ll go there
    Miss you son

  2. At night began our sacred journey
    A vague destination in mind
    Ambush the stars and steal the moon
    And plunder whatever we find
    Few have braved this daunting task
    Even fewer returned alive
    Too dim of heart to vanquish the dark
    Too frail of soul to weather the time
    With youthful resolve we blazed a trail
    Through years paved in joy and grief
    Swam golden streams, walked fiery shores
    Though the bliss of respite was brief
    Our fears tempered by nobler goals
    No storm could dishearten our pace
    Even the sun knew better to yield
    Lest be blinded by the light of your face
    Treacherous skies, conniving winds
    Villains of the familiar kind
    Helpless against the strength that holds me
    To this fair companion of mine
    Who shall walk these miles unhindered?
    Dare say you, traveler, nomad, or thief?
    Does not your shoulders sag with toil?
    Does not your soles beg relief?
    Have you the courage to pilfer a rose?
    Though loved by death and guarded well?
    Will you risk the touch of its thorny hide?
    To learn the secrets of its heavenly smell?
    Have you the eyes to behold paradise?
    Have you the tongue to speak divine?
    Have you the wisdom to recognize angels?
    When devils are all you find?
    For such reckless love is oft required
    To reach your journey’s glorious end
    Yet I would face all the hells of tomorrow
    To be with you today, my friend

  3. Bountiful Love
    I call from the depth O’ my heart
    Passion so drenched in the shadows a’ mist
    Threaded my dreams o’er of endless depart
    Tasting thy lips, none the sweeter I’ve kissed
    Fabric of a woven fragrance so fine
    Bounties of this nature, longing as true
    Drunk by the love produced now of the wine
    Staggering harmless I call out to you
    Standing O’ stead in thy beauty now born
    Waver so slight O’ my sight it doth feed
    O’ as the gray skies they bring on the storm
    Tempting thy pure vision, wanting and need
    This, O’ my lone bounty falls from above
    Grant me thy heart song and bounty filled love

  4. my dear friend,
    how lovely you are
    your enduring smile
    that glances without end
    I miss you on those days
    when the air seems cold
    bitter and hazed
    but sure glad you’re here
    until the days we get old
    Bold, and strong our love is
    enduring without a pause
    so long as you and i feel
    there’s no space for lonely hearts
    So the time comes again
    for you to depart
    is you that duty will gain
    but no one can tear us apart
    my dear friend
    how precious you are
    your enduring smile
    that glances without end
    that’s what i’ll remember you by
    when those cold days come near
    no matter how time flies by
    so much i wish you were here

  5. Gomidas and His Music, String Quartet “Al Ayloughs”*
    The music has a song Kele Kele (Strolling?) In YouTube
    Valantine’s Day
    Today is Valentine’s Day…
    If you want to be in Real Love
    Honest-Faithful Love…
    No lies…Yet grace
    Hear Gomidas String Quartet “Al Ayloughs”
    If you hear once
    You can’t stop
    It will enter your soul to be part of you
    Another honest spirit breathing with you…!
    Gomidas is Armenian Valentine…
    He taught us Love
    Real Love…Deep Love…Spiritual Love…
    His musical leaves
    Like A Willow Tree
    Has protective shades…
    He is Our Saint…
    Our God…
    And Goddess
    As we can see him alive
    With our both eyes…
    Hearing his voice
    Telling us,
    “I’m sending my music,
    My Soulful Love to you,
    I want you to fill your days
    With creative joyfulness.”
    February 14, 2013

  6. Is this coffee which I see before me,
    The cup near my hand? Come, let me clutch thee.
    I have thee not, and yet I scent thee still.
    Art thou not, happy vision, sensible
    To feeling as to sight, or art thou but
    A java of the mind, a false creation,
    Proceeding from the sleep- opprèssed brain?
    I see thee yet, in form as palpable
    As that cup I had yesterday.
    Thou marshall’st me from downy sleep;
    And such a drink I was to consume.
    Mine eyes and nose are made the fools o’ the other senses,
    Or else worth all the rest; I see thee still,
    And from thy rim and bowl the heat of steam,
    Which was not so before. There’s no such thing:
    It is foolish morning which informs
    Thus to mine eyes. Now o’er the one halfworld
    Nature seems dead, and wicked necessity beats back
    The curtain’d sleep; the hour celebrates
    Dark Kaffiena’s offerings, and awful waking,
    Alarum’d by his sentinel, the radio,
    Whose howl’s his watch, thus with clamor and noise.
    With a barrista’s sarcastic stride, towards her victim
    Moves like a ghost. Thou sure and firm-set earth,
    You will not hear my steps, which way they walk, for sooth
    Thy very stones are too cold underfoot
    And give present horror to the time,
    Which already has enough, thank you. Whiles I threat, time lives:
    Would words to the pain of rising too cold breath give.

    The city walls pulse with the knowledge of soldiers’ fears,
    I have no hint of weaponry: nay, not one;
    The torchlights swagger with the threat of daughters’ tears,
    I have no sense of history: nay, not one.
    She appears to me with the promise of sweeter days to come,
    I have no time for leniency: nay, not now;
    She comforts me with the dulcimer, the psaltery, the drum;
    I have no room for sympathy: nay, not now.
    Death is now my brother, and my brother calls me out by name,
    I no longer have a soul to speak of: nay, not one;
    Men will lay in linen by my hand, their eyes will speak my shame,
    I no longer have a land to return for: nay, not one.
    She returns to me with the solace of unbroken dreams to be,
    I have no fear of redemption: nay, not now;
    She anoints me with her oils, she soothes me with her mystery,
    I have no cause to lose her love: nay, not now.
    We built engines in Jerusalem
    To darken our fallen land,
    In my house, it shall be said,
    Love dared to show its hand.

  8. For a moment, I thought, I could forget you,
    For a moment, I thought, I could feel your heart,
    I thought the past, could no longer haunt me,
    Nor hurt me! How wrong I was!
    For the past, lingered on my mind and heart,
    For the past, surrounded me day and night,
    For the past, encased vividly in my dreams,
    How can I forget you, my beloved?
    The lovable smile on your face,
    The gentle caress of your embrace,
    Your love chained within my soul,
    Your face entwined within my flesh,
    I clipped my wings within your beauty,
    Oh! My beloved….. my beloved.

  9. A Valentine from a Scrabble Lover to his Partner by S.B. Borgersen
    The empty Scrabble board’s before us like a lake
    waiting for us to paddle or to drift
    with unknown words for me to give and you to take
    wrapped in fine tissue, tied in gold, a gift.
    To find another single living soul upon this earth
    who feels the same, who sees the same
    and wishes for a future built together
    is like the moment when the lightning brings the truth
    for now’s the time to forget about the game
    and ask you this: will be mine forever?
    © 2013

  10. You’re the best person for me
    Our life together gives me joy and security
    Our bond is one of respect and intimacy
    Your love for me is a glorious mystery
    You’re the best person for me
    You are a dream come true
    I love all the wonderful things you do
    Your laugh is adorable and warm
    Your sense of humor is always in good form
    You’re gorgeous and sexy
    We trust each other implicitly
    You’re the best person for me
    You’re the best person for me

  11. If I had my own plane and all the gold in the world
    If kings had my number, if red carpets unfurled
    I’d crawl through deserts to hear your song
    I’d journey forever to where I belong
    When the world has forgotten, when the stage lights have dimmed
    When man is outnumbered by all of his sins
    I’d swim the dark seas and I’d claw to the moon
    I’d wade through all time to be in your room
    When the winters have frozen all the lakes of our dreams
    When summers have forgotten what warmth even means
    And autumn’s promise is broken, and spring’s blossoms won’t yield
    I’ll walk the world for our kiss to be sealed
    Yes my love, I’d grope through deserts, even if I were blind
    And if I could journey anywhere, it would be through your mind

  12. Laying alone and in the dark,
    Hearing only my pounding heart.
    It beats for you rapid and true,
    I found my soul mate and it’s you.
    I see your face when I close my eyes,
    Never an image I can despise.
    It hurts to know that we aren’t together,
    We belong like birds of a feather.
    The natural connection between you and I,
    Our souls entwined makes me high.
    A whole new life we could begin,
    I will never love a man this strongly again.

  13. On this 14th day, our love we declare,
    With roses and gifts or cards we prepare
    To dazzle the ones who make our hearts sing,
    Perhaps a nice dinner, or big diamond ring?
    To some it’s the amount of money we spend,
    The bigger the better, that seems the trend,
    To others it’s not about material things,
    It’s about feelings and thoughts that only Love brings,
    So on this V’day, my gift of words is for you,
    The Language of Love is in all that you do,
    For gifts can not express what I feel,
    It’s the person you are that makes it all real,
    It’s the beat of my heart, when you are near,
    It’s the look in your eyes, so bright and so clear,
    Your gentle touch as you caress my face,
    That causes my pulse to speed up and race,
    It’s the peace that I feel when wrapped in your arms,
    I have no resistance against all your charms,
    Our Souls have embraced in a bough of bliss,
    And my fate is sealed by the touch of your kiss.
    You are my best friend, my lover, my soul-mate, my One,
    It was you that I searched for and you that I won.
    Our journey’s been tough but our love remained strong,
    The lives that we started, grew up and moved on,
    But with you by my side, I have nothing to fear,
    For you are the one thing that I hold most dear,
    Like a moth to your flame I am constantly drawn,
    And yours is the face I see first thing at dawn,
    And last thing at night we speak of our love,
    You truly are precious, my gift from above,
    So I’ll shout it daily so I know that you hear,
    My love is much greater, than a day once a year.

  14. I don’t want to fall in love with you
    Because you know that I’ll fall hard
    You’ll find your way through me
    And you’ll find ways to tear me apart
    And while I’m tempted to fall for you
    You’ve got the smile that melts me
    You’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of
    You’re all that I want to see
    Whenever I wake up in the morning
    The last thing when I go to bed
    But I hope I never fall for you
    Because you’ll be buried in my head
    You’ll throw it all in my way
    I’ll dodge you and try to run
    Because I swore not to fall for you
    If I do, then I know I’ll be done
    I know I won’t be lonely again
    But loneliness is not what I fear
    I’m scared of waking up tomorrow
    Trying to touch you when you’re not hear
    And as I sit waiting for the moment
    Waiting for the day to be through
    I’ll think about what I’ve done so far
    And I realize I fell in love with you

  15. Walk with me
    Hold my hand
    Explain things to me
    That I just don’t understand
    Tell me why two lovers
    Are kept apart
    By society’s judgments
    And fears of the heart
    Tell me who do you turn to
    When all seems dark
    Is it me you long for
    To help you find the light
    When I lay my head down
    On my pillow each night
    I dream of a life
    With you by my side
    A place where we both
    Are safe from the world
    A simple man, and his simple girl
    Walk with me
    Hold my hand
    Explain things to me
    That I just don’t understand

  16. Christmas Valentine: An Acrostic
    Another fairy gives cash for cuspids,
    Very soon a bunny might bring bright eggs.
    A jolly fat man brings joy to nice kids,
    Leaving off-sled, his naughty son who begs.
    Except today is Cupid’s turn to shine,
    Needing his lone mom to let him arrow
    The loneliest soul – void of Valentine.
    If heart pierced, much love will fill the marrow.
    Nobody blamed him for turning the bow.
    Even St. Nick agreed it was his time.
    With just one shot he missed his mark and so
    Instead it stuck his mother, what a crime.
    So Venus losing arms, but not her son,
    Happily wed Santa, while Cupid had none.

  17. Who Loves Me More?
    (Inspired by a forgotten self-help guru)
    It’s Valentine’s again, the Day I dread
    I live alone – there’s one made my heart ache
    I wonder, should I spend the day in bed
    But realize that would be a mistake
    I put the kettle on and make some tea
    One way for sure to get me up and go
    Eat millet flakes (annoying allergy)
    While facebooking and hoping my friends grow
    Some faithful friends take time to “Like” my post
    And suddenly my heart leaps at the thought
    Lick jam and butter off my wheat-free toast
    While reading twice the letters gmail brought
    Ding-dong! The florist hands at my front door
    Roses to me from me – who loves me more?
    © 2013

  18. The Price of love
    As Adam and Eve cast out of Eden by God
    so I have now been cast out of paradise.
    I am hunted by a fearsome black dog
    and joys of life are torn apart and sliced.
    A lance of pain stabs through the core of being,
    the pain of longing burns too hot and white,
    when my lover is placed far from seeing,
    when I am spurned from out of lover’s sight.
    I feel this weight that bears down upon my heart
    yet I would not forsake the fire of desire.
    Despite great pain inflicted by the part
    I yearn once more for depths of Cupid’s Mire.
    For pain of lost as I am cast alone
    I accept gladly to have heard her moans.

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