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Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 1.17.38 PMWhether you’re writing a book for the first time or finishing up your 12th in a series, entering new genres can be a daunting task. All kinds of questions emerge during the writing process: Is this going to resonate with readers? Is the story something people will appreciate and learn from? How am I going to go market and sell this thing?
Gregory L. Truman had these questions as he was writing Hitting the Wall, subtitled “a layman’s comedic rant on the state of our domestic ignorance, global pitfalls, and the excessive, compulsive behavior of the North American culture.” To get his questions answered, he decided to try Helix.
How would you describe your writing style:
“As a writer, I think it’s important to hit the facts hard, with a small twisted insert of comedy, as readers like information to be delivered clearly, understandably and unaltered.  As a writer, I have taken out the soft-landings and added the in-your-face facts when writing about issues that trouble our broken world as a reminder of the severity and importance of taking action and being part of the solution and not the problem.   The approach was simple, keep the reader engage, write a book that fit the mindset of today’s society and at the same time hopefully open their eyes to the reality of our world.”
Why did you decide to try Helix:

“As a new budding writer I believed I had a book that everyone should read! As we all know what we think and what is the reality are two different things. The Helix Review provided an independent, non- carbon life form to provide me with two very specific objectives; 1) Is the style of my writing within the genre and how do I really compare to other best selling authors? And 2) Should my book prove to be comparable in motion, density, dialog, description and pacing with other best sellers who are the author’s publishers? The Helix Review helps writers to narrow down the best publishers that are interested in their type of genre and writing style.”

What were you able to learn from the Helix Review:
“I realized after using the Helix Review that I was writing properly and with in a “standard” that is widely acceptable and marketable as a writer.”
How do you plan to use the Helix information:

“The information provided in the 21 page report helped me target specific publishers, it has provided me with 10 other best selling books that I can compare and use when discussing books that are rated as similar in writing style.”

What would you tell someone considering trying Helix:

“If you are a new budding writer or a seasoned pro I think the Helix Review is money well spent! It offers writers a rare window of opportunity for a non-subjective, realistic review of your style of writing.”

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About the Helix Review:
Back in May we launched an experimental new offering called Helix, and dubbed it The Personality Test for Your Book. Helix is powered by The Book Genome Project, a massive database of over 100,000 of the world’s best-known books. And basically, it gives you a way to upload your manuscript and get back an incredibly rich and unbiased perspective on your book.
Lulu authors are currently using Helix to gain a better understanding of their book for marketing purposes, and in some cases to gain insight into their writing style. For the first time, we’ve caught up with some of the earliest Helix Review customers to hear more about their book and writing style and what they hoped to learn from Helix.
If you are an author that has used Helix and would like to be featured in the future, please tell us about your experience here.


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