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Next up in our ongoing Helix Review series, we have Lulu author Protasio Chipulu, author of Living with Cerebral Palsy:  A Parents’ Guide to Managing Cerebral Palsy. Helix, powered by The Book Genome project, allows authors to upload a manuscript and receive an incredibly in-depth analysis of the book.

Living with Cerebral Palsy

Living with Cerebral Palsy By Protasio Chipulu

This is book is about managing a daughter with cerebral palsy. It is for the persons with cerebral palsy and those who are helping in managing the condition.

Tell us a bit about your book

In this book, we (father & mother) have given details on our daughter with cerebral palsy and how we have been managing the condition.   Our experience compels us to plan for the establishment of a center of excellence for children with disabilities.  We have also given stories on CP starting with our own story with the challenges and coping mechanisms of disabilities.  Our experiences are not exhaustive and it does not attempt to answer all the questions related to the management of CP.  This is our personal experiences as a family. All the shortcomings in the management of our daughter with CP are our responsibility.  Our experiences may be different from other families and some of the information may be outdated but we shall endeavor to update the information.

How would you describe your writing style

My style is of high-density writing and it is descriptive and this makes the reading a bit of a challenge because it takes longer to read.  The pacing is relatively high making it easier to browse through pages. The motion in the book is relatively low and dialogue is very low.

Why did you decide to try Helix

First, to improve the writing of my current book so that I have higher sales.  Second, to improve my writing in the future.

What were you able to learn from the Helix Review

The comparison of my book to other books in my category was very beneficial because I can use the comparisons when writing my next book.

How do you plan to use the Helix information

When I write another book, I will improve on my writing style (motion, density, dialogue, description, and pacing). I will try to balance styles so that it is easy to read and provides excitement, suspense, and education.

What would you tell someone considering trying Helix

I was not certain at first about the Helix Review but after ordering was happy with the overall results. For the price, it was a great way to get feedback that can help me understand my book and how it fits into the general and alongside other books.  I can also take the feedback and apply it to my future writing to create better and more full enjoyable creations.

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