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Here at Lulu we’re constantly listening and adapting to our authors’ needs.  Recently, we’ve received a lot of great ideas and feedback about the templates we provide for print books. We’ve taken all of your valuable input and are happy to provide Lulu authors with new and improved print book templates, which include the most common content and formatting elements for both fiction and nonfiction.  These templates are designed to make your life easier, give your book a more professional look and save you time during the self-publishing process. The 15 new templates can be used either as style guides or updatable downloads. Rest assured, everything you need to make your book great is contained in these new templates.

The new and improved templates are available in all formats.

Key features of the new templates include:

  • copyright page
  • page numbers
  • section breaks
  • headers and footers
  • custom styles for dedicated sections of your book
Book Template

The templates also include instructions on how to use each one and great tips for making your book look and read like one created professionally. Whether you choose to use these templates as a reference, a style guide, or a starting point, the ultimate decision as to how you format your print book is completely yours.

23 thoughts on “New Lulu Book Templates”

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  2. zohn forest meyer

    zohn forest meyer 2141 west garrison lane Amelia ohio 45102 could you please send me information by mail,i will pay for postage,self addressed stamped envelope,just let me know.thanks,zohn meyer.

  3. These things are a pain in the ass to modify. Please try to make ones more suited towards fiction novels, and easier to edit. For example, add a simple PDF explaining HOW to set it up, what goes on what pages (recommended) and etc. The templates are just a pain now.

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  5. Alexander Duncan

    I am trying to assess the reasons for the changes in the header, footer, margin and gutter dimensions compared to the old template, which is still included in the zip files, and what the general opinion of them is compared to the old dimensions? If anybody has an opinion or knows of a review, Id like to hear of it at dollarability at gmaail dot com.

  6. Thank you for updating the templates. I have self published on another platform and I am getting ready to publish here. Templates always save time. Thank you again for the updates.

  7. What does ‘casewrap’ and ‘dust jacket’ mean?
    I usually use ‘perfect’.
    Whilst I would probably use this preformatting for my work, I can’t see any explanations of terminology here. That prevents me from using it.

  8. Dear Sir.Madam,
    I am interested in publishing my reworked thesis with Lulu but unsure of the costs involved nor the process involved. Can someone please guide me.
    Many thanks,

  9. Hi there,
    The provided links seem broken? Also it looks like these templates are for ms word. I’m using scrivener 2. Would you have those templates available?
    Many thanks!

  10. Hello,
    Could you help me? Every time I finish uploading my book a blank page is inserted.
    I revised several times and ended up always with a blank page inside my book.

  11. I have been searching for a place to print small hardcover pocket/purse sized books. And I see a template for a paperback cover pocket sized book, but not hard cover. I feel that paperback will bend and fold too easily in a pocket or purse. When do you believe this will be an option at Lulu? Many thank yous for your services to the self-publishing world!

  12. Hi..i am an AUTHOR published through For the Christmas time coming I WOULD LOVE to do a smaller version of my Gothic Gates books series and do a HARD COVER VERSION in the small new template POCKET PURSE size you offer…
    any chance i can do these in HARDCOVER soon?
    HOLIDAY SALES would be perfect for stocking stuffers on this for my readers…thank you Roshandra warmly writing on

  13. After reading all these comments, I would prefer to have Lulu to adapt my manuscript to ebook so I do not have to work on these details. Gina

  14. Hi,
    I am starting to use your 8.25×10.75 in hardcover template.
    I inserted a word copy of my book.
    The question is,I have a few blank pages in the template. Will it be possible to delete these later for a contiguous flow?

  15. Dear Sir,
    I’d like to sell my ebooks in pdf format and I need a publisher to sign a contract for sale.
    If you qualify to do it please tell me the process .
    Ever blessings

  16. there is a MAJOR discrepancy in the page counts, from one size to the next, from your book format guides, to your “actual” list. please,please correct this. It says the size I want can be 32 pages, which is just a bit outside my length but is doable. But when I choose that size (A5,6×9, for example) they say 48 page minimum. Do not want to add content, this is a stand alone work,not looking to add anything to it. So which is right 32, or 48.

  17. Hello D. D. Stieben
    It sounds as if you are creating a Standard Paperback, which indeed has a higher minimum page count than the Premium paperback format.
    Thank you for bringing this discrepancy to my attention, I will update the templates to include min and max page counts for both paperback formats. Until then, you can view the min and max page counts on the book builder page.
    Again, I apologize for any confusion created by this oversight.

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