Authors using Helix Review: Laird David Elsworth Mason

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 2.02.28 PMLaird David Elsworth Mason, author of My McCurdy Family and Collateral Lines Including Native American and Some Royal Family is next up in our Helix Review series. Mason has painstakingly
researched generations of family history to expose unique connections to Ancient Royalty and Native American relatives.
Tell us a bit about your book:
The book is a generation to generation accounting of individual persons who were the ancestors of the McCurdy Family starting with the author’s mother, Dorothy Lenore McCurdy.
How would you describe your approach?
My approach was to add all the family data possible so that I could assemble the correct ancestral line for this reader’s family. I have assembled the most accurate listing of data to date or ever will be…there is no smoke or mirrors here, just pure DATA. This book contains at least 98% more data than any other book of this type has ever had.
Why did you decide to submit your book for a Helix Review?
I wanted to see if I had accomplished what I set out to do.
What did you learn from the Helix Review?
I learned the weak points and the strong points of my book and was shown what I needed to see to make a decision on future works.
How are you going to use what you learned?
I will use this tool with my next book to help me build a better story line.
What would you tell someone considering trying Helix?
A small investment will help you produce a better product for the market place.
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About the Helix Review:
Back in May we launched an experimental new offering called Helix, and dubbed it The Personality Test for Your Book. Helix is powered by The Book Genome Project, a massive database of over 100,000 of the world’s best-known books. And basically, it gives you a way to upload your manuscript and get back an incredibly rich and unbiased perspective on your book.
Lulu authors are currently using Helix to gain a better understanding of their book for marketing purposes, and in some cases to gain insight into their writing style. For the first time, we’ve caught up with some of the earliest Helix Review customers to hear more about their book and writing style and what they hoped to learn from Helix.
If you are an author that has used Helix and would like to be featured in the future, please tell us about your experience here.

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  1. David Elsworth Mason

    Thank you for show casing my work. The Helix Report is a valuable tool. It will prove to be useful in the future.

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