Authors using the Helix Review: B.D. Salerno

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.33.19 AMNext up in our ongoing series on Helix Review authors is B.D. Salerno, author of Forensics by the Stars: Astrology Investigates.  Here’s what he had to say about the Helix experience:
Tell us a bit about your book:
The author, an avid reader of true crime as well as an accomplished astrologer, delves into the use of astrology as a means of gaining more insight into famous crimes, world events and missing persons cases.  Examples of well known crimes include a discussion of the murder of Marilyn Monroe, the peculiar crash of TWA Flight 800 — whose investigation has been recently reopened — and the Haiti earthquake.  The book includes a useful appendix of astrological information for the beginner and lay person alike.
How would you describe your writing style:
My writing requires the careful research and retelling of famous crimes and events, as seen through the lens of the astrology horoscope cast for the moment of those events.   The horoscope is analyzed in clear and concise terms and the astrological symbolism is explained.  While the writing is journalistic in scope, it is also explanatory and educational for the reader, citing news sources as well as classic astrological references.
Why did you decide to try Helix:
There are very few books on the market related to my topic so I wanted to se how my book stacked up against other current works in the field.
What were you able to learn from the Helix Review:
I gained a sense of confidence in seeing that my writing is comparable to other works and measured favorably when compared to other books in the field.
How do you plan to use the Helix information:
In an effort to keep my work as educational and concise as possible I will strive to keep sentence length a little shorter than its current ranking, which was slightly longer than average.
What would you tell someone considering trying Helix:
I would tell them it is a very worthwhile investment which can provide helpful guidelines for future writing endeavors.
For more information about B.D. Salerno and  Forensics by the Stars:  Astrology Investigates:
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About the Helix Review
Back in May we launched an experimental new offering called Helix, and dubbed it The Personality Test for Your Book. Helix is powered by The Book Genome Project, a massive database of over 100,000 of the world’s best-known books. And basically, it gives you a way to upload your manuscript and get back an incredibly rich and unbiased perspective on your book.
Lulu authors are currently using Helix to gain a better understanding of their book for marketing purposes, and in some cases to gain insight into their writing style. For the first time, we’ve caught up with some of the earliest Helix Review customers to hear more about their book and writing style and what they hoped to learn from Helix.

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  1. Is it true that REAL astrologers do not charge for their services as it is against the code to take profit out of a
    gift from God to help people?
    I read this and saw a medium on tele say it in these circles it is donations given based on good work.
    Is this true at all?

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