Authors using the Helix Review: William J. Smith

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.45.04 AMWilliam J. Smith, author of the science fiction novel, Straight from Heaven; Delivered from Hell recently submitted his work for a Helix Review.  This is what he had to say about his experience.
Tell us a bit about your book:
The Smith family was a normal,middle-class family living happily in the suburbs of New York,with three gorgeous children,and a fourth on the way,but almost as soon as that child is born,a group calling themselves The Apocalypse Watchers,shows up at their house, preaching that the Anti-Christ has been born,and they come to believe that this new member of the family is the Anti-Christ and that they must rid the world of her by any means necessary to avoid Armageddon.Can the Smiths protect their little girl,Carol Anne,from these crazy cultists,or will The Apocalypse Watchers succeed in putting an end to the Anti-Christ’s reign once and for all?
How would you describe your writing style:
I usually like to write in the third person in which I’m the narrator telling the reader about events that happened to me, my fictional family, fictional children, and set these books 5-10 years into the future (which,right now,is 2020-2025).
Why did you decide to try Helix:
To give me some advice and constructive criticism of my writing style.
What were you able to learn from the Helix Review:
That my writing style, in some areas matches those of other, more notable and well-known authors.
How do you plan to use the Helix information:
To tweak my writing style to make it more professional and appealing to readers.
What would you tell someone considering trying Helix:
Helix is a useful tool to help you evaluate your writing style.
About the Helix Review
Back in May we launched an experimental new offering called Helix, and dubbed it The Personality Test for Your Book. Helix is powered by The Book Genome Project, a massive database of over 100,000 of the world’s best-known books. And basically, it gives you a way to upload your manuscript and get back an incredibly rich and unbiased perspective on your book. – See more at:
Lulu authors are currently using Helix to gain a better understanding of their book for marketing purposes, and in some cases to gain insight into their writing style. For the first time, we’ve caught up with some of the earliest Helix Review customers to hear more about their book and writing style and what they hoped to learn from Helix.
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