You Find It, We Make It Better

We love when we get feedback from our customers on how to make their experience with even more awesome!
Today we made two important new changes: we’ve made it easier for potential readers to find your book in our bookstore and we have made it easier for you to contact customer support to get answers to your questions. The navigational links in the top right have been improved across the site to make it even easier to find the answers you need. Help is now called Support, and lives at a new URL: Additionally, your customers will now find your book faster if it begins or contains an article like “a,” “an” or “the.”
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2 thoughts on “You Find It, We Make It Better”

  1. I co-author with various people, some of whom have only one name, i.e., a surname, but no given name. Havoc is created in trying to get the names to display correctly on the actual book and on the display page.

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