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All right, Reddit, we admit it, we have been lurking you longer than we should have.

First, you wooed us with memes, viral videos and funny pictures of cats. Then we realized that Reddit has real depth and grit. The front page of the internet has every relevant news article, opinion paper, and helpful how-to for whatever your passion is. And you know what? That’s something we can get behind.


Since /r/books became one of the default subreddits you are set up with during account creation, we like to think there’s been a resurgence of interest in what we do best: the printed word. Over three million people subscribe to talk about books they have read, ones they want to read and to exchange ideas on what it really means to be a writer. However, just because /r/books is popular doesn’t mean that’s where our authors go for inspiration.

That’s why we’ve decided to land on /r/selfpublish for Lulu.com’s first-ever AMA. We want to reach out to authors who are doing it on their own, because we know the process is insane and exhausting, but ultimately fulfilling. On December 9, we will be answering your questions about the self-publishing process, how books are made, what “print on demand” really means and so much more.

Hosted by Lulu.com’s global fulfillment team, we will have the entire company at our disposal to get at the nitty gritty details of your roadblocks, the tools you’re missing and the areas where you may need clarification to feel confident in publishing your work.


As a special treat, we will have a coupon code for anyone who comes to participate or even just observe and follow the Q&A session.

At Lulu.com, we believe in authors creating what they love. Let us help you along the way to success as a self-published author. We look forward to your questions!

6 thoughts on “Our First Reddit AMA”

  1. Mark Cunningham

    I am doing my own illustrations by pencil and ink. I would like to move forward with computer generated illustrations in the future. Could anybody advise me which direction to go with this?

  2. Tammy Garrett-Willia

    How long does it truly takes to get a copy of my book from the time it is ordered and if I select usps mail, how long should it be before it is in my hands. Thanks

  3. @Tammy Garrett-Willia
    Once you order a book, it is queued for printing, which usually takes from 3-5 days depending on demand. It will then be shipped by your selected method. Our USPS service is actually a hybrid delivery service. UPS picks up the package at the printer and delivers it to the mail sorting station closest to your home. From there, it is in the USPS’s hands. Luckily, this process is also trackable. So you can follow your package’s progress.

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