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We’ve spoken before of metadata, but let me refresh. Metadata is, well, meta. It’s self-referential. It’s data about data–so it should match the data to which it refers.

If your eBook’s title (the data) is “The Adventures of Meta-Man” then the metadata about your title has to be “The Adventures of Meta-Man.” If the title page of your EPUB says “The Adventures of Meta-Man” and your marketing image says “The Adventures of Meta-Man” then your metadata (those fields you fill out as you create a project on should NOT say “Metaman’s Adventures.”

Don’t feel bad if you’ve done this. Happens all the time–particularly when you start throwing in subtitles, volume numbers, and multiple authors. Things get complicated. Bits of data slip through the cracks and metadata sometimes gets a little less meta.

Bottom line:

Metadata helps readers find you and identify the content they’re looking for. Have a trilogy? Make sure your metadata tells readers the series title and in what order to read the volumes. Otherwise your would-be audience might get confused or lose patience. There’s a ton of content out there; if your metadata isn’t clear or seems less than polished, it’s a fair bet that readers will keep searching for something a little more friendly and professional.

Take an extra minute or two to double check everything–title, subtitle, contributors. We know you’ve already done a lot of proofreading while preparing your eBook for publication, but bear with us for just a few words longer.

Making sure your metadata matches your content means a quicker, easier journey into retail distribution–not to mention into your readers’ hands.

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